Forest scene of alder wood the perfect wood for a very slight touch of smoke

Alder wood the safe bet for cooking wood- little in flavor!



I’m often asked if there is any hardwood that is a safe bet to use with any food item and equipment. One that won’t be too strong if over applied or hurt the equipment if too much wood is used. Well, as you’ve heard me mentioned before, we don’t provide descriptors of the woods we manufacture as we believe there are too many variables that affect the overall flavor of the hardwood. Instead, we offer a rating of our woods based on how bold they are. On the low end of that rating scale? Alder wood the safe bet.

Family of Trees- Alder Wood the Safe Bet

First, let me state that Alder is part of the Birch family of hardwood. It is a genus that is a flowering plant. Around the world, there are 35 species of both the tree and shrub form. Yes, that is correct. Alder is not always a tree but can be a tall growing shrub. In New York State, we have roughly 13 varieties with our Alder referred to as Eastern Alder. On the density side, this is a lighter hardwood and thus, it does not hold moisture long. This makes this hardwood ideal for very specific cooking applications.

Alder is very light in its stimulating flavor compounds. I’m sure you’ve read that Alder is ideal for fish but there are missed opportunities if you don’t go beyond the fish category. Given there are so many options to infuse smoke vapor, this can be a great wood choice when using a handheld food smoker or even a stove stop smoker or cold smoke generator. Contemplating chocolate, cheese, or fruits? Alder can be a perfect match.

Caution- Alder Wood the Safe Bet

Here’s my one caution. If you are planning to incorporate bolder ingredients with your food item, then alder may not be the first choice. Lots of bacon, chili or cayenne pepper – these will mask the flavor of the Alder wood. Instead opt for foods that have lighter ingredients like herbs, citrus, dairy components.

As mentioned, Alder or Birch will start with a moisture level that is higher but due to the composition of its cell structures, the water will evaporate faster in the hardwood. Using it on an LP grill or in a charcoal unit may require quicker replenishment than another denser hardwood so extra supply is always recommended.

Blending- Alder Wood the Safe Bet

Don’t forget, blending Alder with another hardwood works well too so if you do want a spicier kick to your ingredients, feel free to add Alder with a bolder wood like hickory, beech or oak.

The best part is always in the experimentation so have fun working with this hardwood that I call the safety net – it won’t let you fall flat if you select it for your smoke infusion.

Dr. Smoke Alder wood the safe bet when it comes to wood smoking with a lite taste

Dr. Smoke Alder wood the safe bet when it comes to wood smoking with a lite taste



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Smokinlicious pristine wood blocks is a great back drop to the 10 things to consider when purchasing cooking wood

Smokinlicious® wood blocks are a pristine backdrop for the 10 things to consider when purchasing wood for cooking!!

Listen to the audio of this blog

Many of you who reside in the Southern and Western States have the advantage of being able to engage in wood-fired cooking pretty much whenever you want, regardless of the calendar. You may do so on an LP grill, a charcoal grill, charcoal/wood smoker, or electric grill or smoker. Those of us living in the North and to the East – though we could continue cooking outdoors all year – usually elect to restrict our outdoor cooking methods until temperatures climb above 55°F!

Soon, it will be an even playing field when it comes to enjoying the outdoors for all of us so what better way to get prepared than to start thinking about replenishing supplies for our outdoor living and cooking.

Today, I’m going to give you a guide on the top 10 things to consider when purchasing wood for cooking, grilling or smoking in general.

#1 Is the wood native to the USA?

If the wood comes from outside the United States, it doesn’t necessarily make it a bad choice but you do need to understand that importing wood products into the USA is highly regulated. Mostly, the wood needs to be certified that it has been treated in some way to ensure no insects are hitching a ride in! Remember, that treatment could be with chemicals or by heat only, so be sure you check the label. This product may turn out to only be ideal for hot temperature cooking like searing and grilling due to the dryness of the wood, or if chemicals were used, it shouldn’t be used at all.

#2 Is the wood 100% hardwood?

It is imperative that any wood you use to cook with, wood chips, wood chunks, logs or dust be only hardwood. Look for labeling that attest to the fact that only hardwood was used as some companies will use a mix of softwood and hardwood or include press woods.

The Pristine, Clean, Bark Free Double Fillet SmokinLicious Wood Chunks Displayed

SmokinLicious® Double Fillet Chunks

#3 How does the company get the wood?

Many of the companies who supply wood chips for cooking have another manufacturing process that produces a scrap or waste product. Not Smokinlicious®! Often, those leftovers are used in this secondary business of BBQ woods, smoking woods, or cooking woods, to name a few of the labeling names. Check packaging for the source or origin location of the wood and if that company name matches the one on the front of the packaging label.

#4 Are you getting the wood named on the label?

This seems like a no brainer but honestly, wood is no different than olive oil or cheese. You may not be getting 100% of the wood species listed on the label just as we’re finding extra virgin olive oils may not be extra virgin or grated cheese isn’t 100% cheese! If you find packaging that simply states “hardwood” or “mixed hardwoods” then you don’t know what you’re getting. Be sure to read the entire label and check for a reference to 100% of a species.

#5 Is the brand name the actual manufacturer of the wood or just the distributor?

It is very common for brands to be in a business that they don’t participate in from a manufacturing point. Check the small print on the label to see if the manufacturer of the product is listed or if the label simply states who the product is distributed by. Distributors don’t have a lot of history on the product in the box or bag.

#6 Does the seller make claim to a certain cooking method for the wood?

This is key to ensuring you don’t end up with a disaster. If the packaging clearly states the product is for grilling, then don’t try to use it in your smoker or stove top smoking pan. Compatibility of a cooking wood to equipment should factor in the moisture level of the wood. Too dry, and it will just catch fire. Too wet and you won’t be able to grill with it.

#7 Are there any terms such as “naturally cured” or kiln dried on the label?

The terms generally mean that the wood has been air dried for an extended period, much like you do with firewood before using it in your fireplace, or the wood has been exposed to low temperature drying in an enclosed area. Either method means the wood will usually have a moisture level of 4-13% which will not make it ideal for hot smoking techniques. Again, these woods are best for high heat level cooking as dry wood produces a lot of heat. Woods with a moisture level ~20% are ideal for hot smoking.

#8 Does the wood have bark?

Photo shows the nasty bark on products sold by our competitors

Our competitors’ bark on product

Bark is the protector of the tree and so it is like a sponge, absorbing anything that isn’t healthy to the tree. When bark-on wood is exposed to heat, you will get a lot of separation or weakness to the cell structure of the bark. This can loosen during exposure to heat and burn separately causing flare ups in temperature control, sparks, and leave a coating on your equipment. If you have an option, go bark-free!

#9 Does the packaging label reference cooking or merely say “firewood”?

If you planning on going camping and setting up an elevate cooking grate over the fire, or using a Dutch oven for cowboy-style of cooking, then I don’t have a problem with using split firewood for the cooking part. This is in the great outdoors where there is a lot of area to handle the smoke vapor. But if you are using any kind of equipment that has a contained firebox area, please use something other than firewood to cook with. You simply don’t know where the wood has been or what it may contain so cooking within a confined chamber is not the ideal. Firewood can have a lot of resin, sap, and spark.

#10 Does the brand sell the product by weight?

Wood is a commodity that has a lot of variance when it comes to weight due to differences in density, moisture level, and variety of the species. It is the reason why wood cannot be sold by weight legally. Look at the packaging and be sure there is a reference to cubic inches, cubic feet, liters, centimeters, etc. Anything but weight.

There you have it! A guide for your upcoming outdoor cooking season using a variety of cooking/grilling woods like wood chips, chunks, logs or dust. Take a bit of time to check the packaging and examine all the information on a website before making your decision. Most importantly ask yourself: Do I want to eat anything cooked over this?

Dr. Smoke- Before purchasing wood for cooking, it's important to know the many factors!

Dr. Smoke- Before purchasing wood for cooking, it’s important to know the many factors!








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Wood Chips Grande Sapore

Wood Chunks- Double or Single Filet

Smoker Logs- Full & Quarter Cut

Smoking Dust- Spice for Your Equipment


Case Notes: A restaurant is preparing to open in a new location and made the decision to invest in an Italian made pizza oven that has an option for wood-fired cooking. This equipment would take 6 months to manufacture and deliver to the USA, which gave the owners time to complete renovations on their new building in preparation for the free-standing oven’s installation. During that time, menu development and plating options were reviewed and decided upon.

The one planning need that was left to the last minute – locating the supplier for the cooking hardwood and determining appropriate sizing for the new equipment! WHY???

It always surprises me that restaurateurs are willing to spend $50,000 and up for commercial equipment that does a specific function or technique, yet they don’t spend the time before that purchase ensuring they can obtain the quality accessory needs to get every benefit from that investment.

Here’s the best part: often these equipment lines tote that they can do all sorts of functions including wood-fired cooking techniques. The truth – they aren’t really promoting that function of their equipment line! They simply want to sell you the equipment and have you use standard fuel options like electric and gas. How did I come to this conclusion? By the content of the user’s manual.

Many do not reference:

  • size of wood product needed for the equipment
  • how to light the product
  • how much of the product to use
  • where to locate a supplier of the cooking wood
  • pictorials of the steps to do the technique
  • provide a troubleshooting guide.

Do you really want to spend $50,000, $60,000, $100,000 and be left to fend for yourself with that investment?

Take the appropriate steps when considering additions to or replacements in your equipment line. Research not only the equipment but what is needed to do the smoke infusion technique with that equipment. Yes, wood chips are readily available even though there is a high level of variation between products. But other products are not so easy to find like wood pieces larger than wood chips but smaller than split firewood logs.

In addition, wood-fired techniques can also require additional “tools” to be available in the kitchen that may not have been standard inventory before.

Such things as:

  • fire retardant gloves
  • fire grade tools like long-handled tongs and a wood poker
  • a MAP canister/torch for lighting the fire
  • an infrared thermometer for reading temperatures within the cooking chamber
  • an ash receptacle.

Prioritize the needs of a wood-fired equipment addition by first reviewing the best option in equipment for your business’ need and second, assessing all the requirements of the wood to be successful in bringing this technique to your kitchen!


Dr. Smoke- only manufacturers Culinary Quality wood- Nothing else!!

Dr. Smoke- only manufacturers Culinary Quality wood- Nothing else!!









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Smokinlicious® wood Blocks are perfect for a J&R Equipment

Smokinlicious® wood Blocks are perfect for a J&R Equipment


One key factor that is often not considered when the decision is made to purchase commercial-grade equipment like J&R Equipment is the cooking wood product that the unit derives its flavor from. Don’t be fooled by the statement that “any wood will be fine”, as there IS a difference! In fact, only hardwood should be used as a cooking wood, never softwoods, but even some hardwoods are not ideal for wood-fired cooking and flavor. Some bark is toxic, other woods are too high in resin, and others don’t possess a balance of flavonoids to make them pleasant to the palate.

You take the time to research equipment before making that purchase, isn’t it time you give the same consideration to the cooking wood product you need?

Our video featured here highlights the study, testing, and care we take to ensure a perfect marriage of cooking wood to equipment. Get the full potential from your J&R Equipment investment by using only hardwoods DESIGNED for cooking! Be informed, don’t hesitate to ask questions, and find the best source for the investment you’ve made and will continue to make. Remember, the success you pine for in your menu is directly dependent on the skills of both your kitchen staff AND equipment.



Beechwood Hardwood

Smokinlicious® is pleased to announce that we have added an eighth hardwood species to our product line. Beech is now available in wood chips, double and single filet wood chunk, wood blocks and heartwood logs for purchase!


Log truck from the forest under New York State Regulations

Log truck from the forest under New York State Wood Regulations

Listen to the audio of this blog

In 2009, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation made regulations on the movement of wood, specifically, firewood. The goal? To stop people from traveling into the state with firewood that could bring unwanted bugs and disease.

Why Should You Be Concerned?

So, why the big concern? Firstly, because wood may be hiding the eggs, larvae, spores, adults, or even seeds of invasive threats. Think bugs that love to eat wood and kill our spectacular mountain ranges!

Secondly, some of these pests can kill an entire woodland area quickly. Think the Emerald Ash Borer bug!

Almost every native New York tree species is susceptible to attack by one or more exotic pests. Some of these insects and diseases are already known to be in parts of New York. How do they get here? By hitching a ride from out-of-state travelers who bring their own firewood.

What Lurks Within Different Woods?


Our table for the moisture and storage of wood and how best to use this in cooking to your advantage

Our table for the moisture and storage of wood and how best to use this in cooking to your advantage

Listen to the audio of this blog


If you love to cook then you likely know that most dried herbs and spices never go bad if stored properly. You could say the same for smoking woods. Like a spice, smoking wood loses its flavor essence as it dries out. Lose the moisture and the wood becomes only a fire stick, producing heat. This results in the opposite of what you want when trying to add flavor from the wood.

Proper Storage is Key

We know that storage of wood in a cool, dry location will preserve the moisture level in the wood. Why? Wood loves to adjust to temperature and humidity to find balance. But how cool or warm does that location have to be? Is there an ideal temperature? Let’s find out by doing a simple experiment.

Time to Experiment!

How do we get started with our experiment. Wet and dry are all dependent on moisture. Fluctuate temperature and you will change moisture.

Using identical pieces of hardwood – same species, moisture level and size – one piece was placed in the refrigerator with a temperature between 40-42°F. The other piece was placed in the freezer with a temperature of 30°F. Using a timetable of three weeks, we took moisture readings each week. Let’s see how the hardwood did:

Freezer Refrigerator

Starting Level 27.1% 30.8% Moisture

Week One 18.8% 30.3%

Two 18.6% 30.0%

Three 16.9% 29.8%


Holy icicle! There are some major results here. First, log in the freezer lost nearly 50 percent of its moisture in just 3 weeks! Second, refrigerating smoking wood appears to stabilize it. If you want to make the wood happy, refrigerate it.

Lessons Learned?

  1. Wood likes cooler temperatures in the range of 45°F.
  2. Wood doesn’t mind a dark storage area.
  3. Freezer temperatures cause the free water in the wood to evaporate quickly.
  4. Wood likes as much space as it can get.
  5. Don’t store in plastic unless you want mold!

There you have it! If your cooking and smoking with food, regardless if you’re using wood chips, wood chunks, logs or smoking dust, the popular question of how to store smoking woods rests with a cool location, no direct sunlight and avoidance of plastic storage.

Just one more reason SmokinLicious® products are the best!


It seems that moisture and wood storage remain a hot topic. As more people invest in vacuum sealer devices for their food products, they question whether these are a good alternative for wood storage.

The short answer is, no. Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

Vacuum Sealing Wood is Not a Good Idea!

The purpose of vacuum sealing foods is to remove all the air or oxygen. Oxygen is what mold and bacteria thrive on. When using feezer bags, foods don’t show freezer burn which extend their life in the freezer. For refrigerated foods that are vacuum sealed, you’ll find an extended life as well. The question is, will the extended life transfer to wood stored in a vacuum sealed bag?

To answer this question, you need to understand what oxygen does. First, wood needs air. By removing all the air in a vacuum bag, stress results on wood fibers. Deprive wood of air and you have a greater risk for developing specific molds that thrive in oxygen low environments. Second, the plastic bag increases the risk for mold on the wood. Wood likes cooler temperatures but it does NOT like to be wrapped in plastic.

In the end, it is best to find a cool, dark location that has airflow for your wood. Keep it away from plastic and from porous materials like a concrete floor. Once the wood has air, space, cool temperature and darkness, it will thrive. Happy wood means flavorful foods!




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Cooking Wood- What You Should Know

Dr. Smoke- we provide the wood chip moisture readings on all our packages.

Dr. Smoke- Follow our guidelines on the moisture & storage of wood to keep your products fresh and producing tasty delights!



















Join Dr Smoke and the Culinary crew as we visit teams that competed in the Jack Daniels competition! Dr Smoke discusses Barbecue, smoking wood chunks and chips, how teams qualified for the competion! Overall just a great time during the competition.


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Chip BagSmokinlicious® is pleased to announce the release of its new retail market packaging! This paper packaging is equiped with a vent panel to allow for proper air circulation! Our wood chip bags are available immediately and will soon be followed by the “single” and “double” filet chunks. Please look for these products in selected retail markets.

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Dr Smoke and the Culinary crew (Donna, Aaron and Adrienne- Big John[out hunting wild game]) went to Whole Foods Market (Oakville Ontario) for a demonstration of their BBQ products. They have been using Smokinlicious products on their two Southern Pride smokers. Stephen and his crew have been perfecting their smoking techniques and have been improving for the past 4 months.

Well! they had a little surprise for the Dr and crew! They made up a BBQ chile for the “Gray” Cup weekend! It was a texas sytle chile! It was wonderful! Yes Wonderful! The Dr and Aaron were doing the sampling- one for the public and two for us!

Stephen says that it will be a standard feature in the store. So if you are close to Oakville Ontario, Take the Trafalager exit off the QEW go south one block and stop into the Whole Foods Market! Try the BBQ chili for sure, plus their other BBQ items! Say hello to Stephen, Patrick, Melody and the rest of the BBQ crew!

Please send the Dr an E mail on what items you liked! Look on the events schedule for the next time we will be doing a Whole Foods demonstration in Oakville.


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our Single filet was born at the Oinktoberfest because of rave reviews.

our Single filet was born at the Oinktoberfest because of rave reviews.

Single Filet at Oinktoberfest

During most competitions we distribute a sample of our products to the competing teams. I call it the secret ingredient of the competition!! During the Oinktoberfest in Clarence, NY I handed out Smokin Dust® as our gift pack to the teams. In the fairness of the competition I try to mix up the flavors among the teams! The following is what one competitor had to say about our product:

“We would like to thank you for your sample of Black Cherry Smokin’ Dust® during Oinktoberfest 2007. We were able to place 4th in pork during the KCBS contest using your product. Even better we were able to win Grand Champion in the backyard event on Sunday. We used the Dust on all categories, (1st chicken wings, 6th sausage, 3rd ribs, 2nd beef). We also won the chili cook off with meat smoked using the Dust. Overall great product that gave us the winning edge, my order is coming soon!”

Good Smoke BBQ
Rochester, NY

Thank you Brian!!

Bon Bar B Q

Dr Smoke!!

Present Day Update…

Although the Ointoberfest no longer takes place in the Fall but moved to August, this was one of those local events that allowed us to secure many local connections to make testing our products that much easier.

Our wood chunks were one product that we knew needed expansion. Just how would we find ideal sizing without having to offer extreme options that would challenge our packaging team? By turning to our competitive friends who could offer valuable critic and suggestions that aided us to develop the Double and Single Filet options.

The Birth of the Single Filet Wood Chunk

Larger fireboxes mean a larger chunk is needed. To determine the ideal size that could fit multiple manufacturers’ equipment, we turned to our competitor friends who influenced our final product. We will be forever indebted to all those who worked with us to bring our two great chunk options to the market.

Oh, and these friends also are credited with our choice to give you 3 wood choices in every carton, no matter the size chosen.

With SmokinLicious®, you have history with the dedication and commitment it takes to bring great flavor to anything cooked by fire!

Dr. Smoke and the team update our live fire test results for Single Filet @ Oinktoberfest!

Dr. Smoke and the team update our live fire test results for Single Filet @ Oinktoberfest!








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More Related reading on how Smokinlicious® perfected our great smoking products at various live fire BBQ events around North America

Our Smokin Dust® @ Wildwood allows us to add flavours to your smoke

Our Smokin Dust® @ Wildwood allows us to add flavours to your smoke


Dr. Smoke along with his bag of natural flavors is off to the Wildwood BBQ Championship or the official event title- New Jersey State Barbecue Championship in Wildwood, New Jersey! He will be experimenting with a “Mango” and a “Wine” Flavor. Once the formula passes the “smoke” test they will be released on our web site for sale! Watch for them soon!!

Wildwood BBQ Championship- Present Day Update…

Although it has been many years since the Wildwood, New Jersey event, our Smokin’ Dust® has stood the test of time. After more than a decade, we still offer 14 premium flavors and 8 natural flavors to spice up your fire and foods:

  • Alder
  • Almond
  • Apple
  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Bourbon
  • Cherry
  • Coconut
  • Hickory
  • Jamaican Rum
  • Lemon
  • Mango
  • Maple
  • Orange
  • Papaya
  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Pecan
  • Plum
  • Red Oak
  • Vanilla
  • White Oak

The burst of flavor can be used in charcoal grills, cold smoke generating mazes, hand held food smokers, and traditional smokers. With charcoal, wood or any combination of fuel product, you’ll be amazed at the flavor punch Smokin’ Dust® provides.

Just like the ingredients used in your cooking, our Smokin’ Dust® is all natural, air collected and made just for wood-fired cooking. Up your grilling and smoking game with our full line of all natural, clean products. Find out what a premium wood product can do to your favorite foods!

Dr. Smoke's team live tested our new smokin dust® @ Wildwood Barbecue State Championship

Dr. Smoke’s team live tested our new smokin dust® @ Wildwood Barbecue State Championship


More Related reading on how we tested our newly developed products at BBQ events around the USA and Canada.

More Related reading on how we tested our newly developed products at BBQ events around the USA and Canada.

Our double filet wood chunks are the perfect size for small and kettle smokers

Our double filet wood chunks are the perfect size for small and kettle smokers

I Love Barbecue & Canadian Open Grand Champions Tested our Double Filet SmokinLicious® Products

Please see the winning edge for team results regarding the Lake Placid “I love Barbecue” championship and the “Canadian Open Championship”! These are the results that have been revealed to us so far. If we have missed your team results and you have used a Smokinlicious® product please send your information to and we will post it.

A special congratulations to the grand champions “The Purple Turtle Catering Company-Lake Placid and “Team Cedar Grilling” Canadian Open Championship both teams used some of our products!

Present Day Update…

So many Teams that put their trust in our products! These two events – I Love Barbecue and Canadian Open Championship allowed us to highlight the easy use of our Double Filet Wood Chunk. Many teams used ceramic and vertical-style smokers at these events. Our Double Filet Wood Chunk proved to be the perfect size. Plus, with our heartwood producing clean, pure smoke vapor, just a little wood goes a long way.

By expanding our carton offerings to 3 sizes, we now meet the needs of any Team or home user. And, you always get up to 3 woods in any size carton.

Bring the pure, clean flavors of SmokinLicious® to your family or your competitive foods. Learn just why wood IS an ingredient.

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More Related reading on Specially sized filet wood chunk and how we tested our other products.








Dr. Smoke loves using the double filet on small and kettle type smokers

Dr. Smoke loves using the double filet on small and kettle type smokers



Our Smokin Dust® @ Pigs in the Park debut of our new flavours for your smoke

Our Smokin Dust® @ Pigs in the Park debut of our new flavours for your smoke


We are introducing additional flavors to our Smoking Dust® line of products: Papaya, Jamaican Rum, Bourbon, Vanilla and Almond. Samples will be available at the “Pigs in the Park” event on May 18-20th Danville, VA. We feel that these will be great additions to our other flavors.

Dr Smoke is working in the lab to develop Smoking Dust®
that will replicate the wine families (ie Merlot, Chardonnay). We will continue to update you on his progress with these flavors.

We hope everyone will have a chance to visit the Smokinlicious® booth in Danville, VA “Pigs in the Park” event to sniff latest flavors.

Present Day Update…

We loved being a sponsor of the Pigs in the Park event! Not only were the people exceptionally welcoming, but the teams and fans of this event were always willing to expand their knowledge of BBQ.

Not only did we expand our Smokin’ Dust® flavors, but we developed a new product line of wood chips that allowed us to offer custom mixes of chips as well a custom mixes of chip sizing. Now that’s customization! Every new idea takes time to develop. Though many years passed since our participation in Pigs in the Park, we owe gratitude to the everyone we came in contact with that offered suggestions and their wish list.

Come join us in adding pure, clean flavors of hardwoods in a variety of sizes of chunks, chips and logs. Learn just what SmokinLicious® can do to your wood-fired foods!


The SmokinLicious® Story

The SmokinLicious® Story



This is the The Smokinlicious® Story and the birth of the cleanest USA manufactured hardwoods specifically for cooking.

Listen to the audio of this blog

We all have dreams. I can seriously tell you that one of mine did not include owning a cooking wood company. It just happened. The short story is, my husband and co-founder of SmokinLicious®, agreed to take over a wood products business that required a more skilled leader. For two years, I let him tackle this venture alone until his vision saw more potential.

Just a few years ahead of this, we had another dream of owning a lake property. We managed to make that dream a reality in 1999 when we lucked out finding our ideal property. It needed a lot of work. A LOT! We jumped off the cliff that year and continued working on this project for the next 12 years adding various out buildings. The fourth building to be built would turn out to be one of the most used and bring to life our cooking wood company – our outdoor kitchen.

The Outdoors Brings Clarity- The SMOKINLICIOUS® Story

We brought in larch logs to stand majestically as pillars on the countertop surround. We brought in stone from a local quarry and built a beautiful outdoor fireplace with an elevated hearth. And we outfitted the kitchen with a small refrigerator, sink, prep area, and loads of under counter cabinets. When it was done, we began cooking and creating and dreaming some more. You see, we are blessed with mountains all around us that harbor the best hardwoods for cooking. And we owned a wood company!

Here’s where life got interesting.

We would entertain friends and family, always cooking in that outdoor kitchen when we could. The questions started pouring in! “What did you do to these short ribs? I’ve never tasted anything so good! How is it possible that my 7-year old, who won’t ever eat my steaks, is asking for 3rd helpings of yours?”

Have you ever experienced one of those moments? I call it karma.

We had plentiful hardwoods so we never paid attention to what other people had for cooking supply. Until that moment.

Make It Like No Other- The SMOKINLICIOUS® Story

We scoured the stores and online sites looking at what was available for cooking wood. We didn’t like what we saw. The packaged wood looked dry, dirty, inconsistent in sizing, loaded with bark, not something enticing to cook with. And that was our moment.

We knew we could produce a better product line then what was currently available. We made our list of issues we could see with the current product offerings. Then we launched into our plan.

If you’re like me and you understand that you control your own fortune in life, then you’ll understand that I could see what I wanted in this product, I believed I could make this product and company a reality. I just didn’t know the how. That is generally the pattern for all success in business.

Belief Becomes Reality- The SMOKINLICIOUS® Story

SmokinLicious® started business by providing a handful of products to meet the initial needs of those who wanted to smoke with hardwood. We tested our products on the competitive barbecue circuit throughout North America, we studied the equipment that most competitors and home users used, and we studied the wood. Over the past 13 years, we’ve been listening to our customer’s comments, listening to the needs of our potential and existing commercial customers, visiting commercial smokehouse operations, and analyzing what’s missing in the market. We’ve gone from one size of wood chips to over eight options, three offerings of wood chunks, five sizes of heartwood logs, and over 15 flavors of our Smokin’ Dust® product, making SmokinLicious® the most innovative cooking wood supplier who also happens to manufacture every product.

If the equipment to make our dream real didn’t exist, we made it. If writing how to guides didn’t prove enough, we offered videos. Additionally, if photos couldn’t prove the differences in our products from others, then we offered up molecular analysis.

This is The Smokinlicious® Story or at least our story to this point. There is so much more to come. Join us and experience a rebirth when it comes to wood fired cooking techniques and get the perfect partner for your needs. You can be part of the rest of The Smokinlicious® Story!

Purchase products:

Smokin’ Dust

Wood Chips- Grande Sapore®

Wood Chunks- Double and Single Filet

Smoker Logs- Full & Quarter Cut

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Doctor Smoke-The Smokinlicious® Story

Doctor Smoke- The Smokinlicious® Story

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