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A Food Smoker Boost- Smokin’ Dust

Why settle for a run-of-the-mill smoking sawdust product that you don’t know where it comes from? A softwood, swept from the floor, shoveled from the ground, or worse, taken from under an animal? Instead, all our sawdust is air collected, then put thru a sieve process to eliminate any strands or irregular pieces from the cutting process. Now that you know about our attention to product quality, get excited about the flavor opportunities awaiting you and your food smoker equipment when you use a smoking sawdust product from a real cooking wood company. Excite your flavor profiles with the opportunities out there to experiment, whether for hot smoking, cold smoking, handheld food smoking, stove-top smoking, or even traditional LP and charcoal grilling. Get ready to experience the world through flavor aroma with Smokin’ Dust® !

First and foremost- wood to us IS an ingredient, one that still needs to be balanced with the other components to bring forth a food memory. As an ingredient, the easiest by far to manage for wood flavor infusion is Smokin’ Dust®. Compatible with all types of food smoker equipment, Smokin’ Dust® literally becomes a ‘spice’ for your equipment.

Using any one of the 8 natural hardwood flavor options infused into our Smokin’ Dust® is one of the quickest methods to get great wood smoke flavor into any specific regional dish.

Specie Specific Smokin Dust

Air Collected for Pure Natural Smoke Flavor!

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Our Flavored Smokin’ Dust


Thinking of island flavors of pineapple, coconut, and mango for a recipe? Why not add one or more of those flavorings through the wood product? With 15 flavor-infused options that are 100% all natural, designed for cooking, and infused in hardwood, we’ve given you a new meaning to the word ‘spice’ as ours can now apply to the wood product! Remember, applewood doesn’t smell or taste anything like an apple. Use our apple infused product, and you’ll experience hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and the bite of an apple.



Our “Special” Smokin® Dust

Add these Tasty Flavors to YOUR Smoked foods!

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Smokin Dust is one of our most customized and versitle cooking wood product.

Dr. Smoke- “Smokin’ Dust is one of our most customized and versatile cooking wood product.” Consider it a “spice” for your food smoker equipment!