Our Smokinlicious Wood Chunk Bag

Our Smokinlicious Wood Chunk Bag


Smokinlicious® Wood Chunk Bag


At Smokinlicious®, we are very pleased to announce the arrival of our new retail Wood Chunk bag in Canada!


You may ask yourself, “What’s all the fuss over a bag. A bag is a bag, right?!” Well, not really, especially when it comes to giving customers what they want and expect from clean, bark-free wood. A lot of time, effort and consumer input went into the design and make-up of our wood chunk bags. Not only do they protect and preserve our forested all hardwood wood chunks perfectly, they allow cooks and smokers to enjoy the rewards of wood fired, smoked food.

The bag compliments our commitment to provide you with dust-free wood with the right amount of moisture for smoke vapor. We know all too well that it’s the vapor that deliciously flavors food with a smoky touch!


Measuring 20 inches high by 9 inches wide, our durable paper bags have an open mesh window. The open window allows air flow for the chunks to “breathe.” This is a key and “one of a kind”example of the Smokinlicious® pledge to bring you only the best wood product for cooking and smoking. Each bag is top stitched, allowing for easy opening and reuse while not shying from max protection. Like our Wood Chips, you will now find our specialty cuts of alder, ash, hickory, red oak, sugar maple, white oak, or wild cherry.


For now Our Bagged Wood chunks are available at select Canadian stores in our new paper packaging. Available in our “Double Filet“, “Single Filet“, and “Natural Grilling” specialty cuts, our wood chunks all come with the moisture level reading recorded right on the package! No more guessing about the moisture of the wood! Look for this product and all our exceptional products at a Canadian retailer near you. Or check our website for the nearest distributor.