Dr Smoke and the Culinary crew (Donna, Aaron and Adrienne- Big John[out hunting wild game]) went to Whole Foods Market (Oakville Ontario) for a demonstration of their BBQ products. They have been using Smokinlicious products on their two Southern Pride smokers. Stephen and his crew have been perfecting their smoking techniques and have been improving for the past 4 months.

Well! they had a little surprise for the Dr and crew! They made up a BBQ chile for the “Gray” Cup weekend! It was a texas sytle chile! It was wonderful! Yes Wonderful! The Dr and Aaron were doing the sampling- one for the public and two for us!

Stephen says that it will be a standard feature in the store. So if you are close to Oakville Ontario, Take the Trafalager exit off the QEW go south one block and stop into the Whole Foods Market! Try the BBQ chili for sure, plus their other BBQ items! Say hello to Stephen, Patrick, Melody and the rest of the BBQ crew!

Please send the Dr an E mail on what items you liked! Look on the events schedule for the next time we will be doing a Whole Foods demonstration in Oakville.


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