Our forest Fresh products to your smoke Generator

Our traceability of forest fresh products to your smoke generator

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Our view of wood – it is not simply what produces vapor or being a smoke generator. It is THE ingredient that provides for colour, aroma, flavour and even texture to food.

Just like the other ingredients used in your operation, you need peace of mind knowing that if questions arise, you can produce the documentation to show where the wood came from and how it was handled.

Tracing from Mill to You- A Key Factor for Wood to Be a Smoke Generator

First, when you partner with SmokinLicious®, you’ll be using fresh forest hardwoods from Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania. Second, all our hardwoods arrive at our facility de-barked. Third, we only use pure heartwood for the log. This is considered the purest part of the tree and one that is resistant to decay, pests, and fungi.

We trace each wood piece we manufacture. We have information on:

  • the harvest date
  • what mill processed the raw wood
  • our heat treatment date and data
  • ship date

That is forest to oven.

Why is Traceability Important?

Without it, your operation could be interrupted.

Any time your company’s standards are reviewed, we have the data on the wood. That means, it’s at your fingertips. Plus, our commitment to a higher heat treatment level (75°C for a minimum of 75 minutes) ensures Thermal Death Time. Potentially dangerous organisms like fungi spore, mold spores and listeria can’t survive with our heat level!