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(2015) CONGRATULATIONS, to all those who purchased the Deni® Hand Held Smoker from QVC® this past weekend (Item #K41876). Dr Smoke™ and the Team at SmokinLicious® enjoyed collaborating with Deni® in the development of this product and the wood chips we designed specifically for this unit!

Please refer to for their video demonstration of the product and YouTube®. See for yourself how much smoke is produced from our special chips! SmokinLicious® hopes you have a chance to try this unit and enjoy the great smoky taste that it produces to a variety of foods and beverages.

Practice with the sample packets included with the unit, then purchase the 3-pack to master the process of generating great flavoring. Please check back to our site in July when we release this product in all species we produce. Imagine a nice smoked White fish with “Ash” (a Mediterranean style wood), prepare some hamburgers with Red or White Oak (either pre- or post grilling/cooking), and then enjoy Salmon with our “alder” while you bake this in the conventional oven!

All this coming soon at!

An Update

In 2015, SmokinLicious® had a great time working with two companies: Deni® and QVC®. The project involved producing a specialty micro wood chip for the Deni® Hand Held Food Smoker offered exclusively on QVC®.

Today, we are looking at the behind-the-scenes steps that brought this concept to life.

And So It Begins…

The work began with a phone call. The Team connected with the Deni® brand had started to tool their hand held food smoker. Now, they needed wood chip product to package with the unit for their upcoming launch on QVC®.

The SmokinLicious® Team sprang into action. First, we tested various chip sizes to find the ideal for the chip screen built into the unit. Second, we selected the top 2 selling hardwoods for packaging with the unit. The third step was the most interesting. We had to arrange for the packaged chips to deliver to the equipment manufacturer located on the other side of the world. Plus, the finished packaging of wood chips and smoker unit had to come back to the USA for the QVC® release date!

Why This Project Was So Much Fun!

We love getting the chance to work side-by-side with a company! The synergy to see the original concept air on television is amazing. Plus, we get satisfaction knowing quality equipment was paired with a quality wood.

Learn why SmokinLicious® is the perfect partner for your concept and bring it to life!