Our Smokin Dust® @ Pigs in the Park debut of our new flavours for your smoke

Our Smokin Dust® @ Pigs in the Park debut of our new flavours for your smoke


We are introducing additional flavors to our Smoking Dust® line of products: Papaya, Jamaican Rum, Bourbon, Vanilla and Almond. Samples will be available at the “Pigs in the Park” event on May 18-20th Danville, VA. We feel that these will be great additions to our other flavors.

Dr Smoke is working in the lab to develop Smoking Dust®
that will replicate the wine families (ie Merlot, Chardonnay). We will continue to update you on his progress with these flavors.

We hope everyone will have a chance to visit the Smokinlicious® booth in Danville, VA “Pigs in the Park” event to sniff latest flavors.

Present Day Update…

We loved being a sponsor of the Pigs in the Park event! Not only were the people exceptionally welcoming, but the teams and fans of this event were always willing to expand their knowledge of BBQ.

Not only did we expand our Smokin’ Dust® flavors, but we developed a new product line of wood chips that allowed us to offer custom mixes of chips as well a custom mixes of chip sizing. Now that’s customization! Every new idea takes time to develop. Though many years passed since our participation in Pigs in the Park, we owe gratitude to the everyone we came in contact with that offered suggestions and their wish list.

Come join us in adding pure, clean flavors of hardwoods in a variety of sizes of chunks, chips and logs. Learn just what SmokinLicious® can do to your wood-fired foods!