our recipe team working on traditional family recipes

Our team developing traditional family recipes for the “Passing it on” series


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If you have been a follower of our blog, you’re likely aware that we often feature a Guest Blogger. It’s great to get other ideas on outdoor cooking, recipes, and tips on anything to do with cooking and the outdoors. Many of our blogs offer a sharing of cooking styles and cherished traditional family recipes.

Recently, I had the opportunity to become another platform’s guest blogger. Or rather, guest cook!

Hello South Africa!

In 2019, we had the good fortune to begin offering our wood chip products in South Africa. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the help of some great South Africans. Who could have known that a pandemic would strike in 2020 and force a change in our business plan.

But here’s something great that came out of this! SmokinLicious® had the honor of meeting Clinton Phillay. Clinton has a passion for ensuring that traditional family recipes get passed on to others in order to keep the spirit of family cooking alive.

What a great goal and a needed purpose. SmokinLicious® was happy and honored to participate. Plus, the timing was perfect. SmokinLicious® is about to release our new YouTube channels featuring our step-by-step recipes as well as a channel just for business customers.

While you wait to see the first episode featuring our Smoked Dry Rubbed Chicken Drumsticks, check out the Passing It On channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/PassingItOn

This is a recipe source you’ll want to subscribe to and hit the notify button so you can begin a great collection of traditional family recipes.

Coming soon their TikTok account will feature these same recipes. Watch for it soon and subscribe!

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Dr. Smoke team passing on traditional family recipes from north America

Dr. Smoke and team passing on traditional family recipes!