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Smoker Box for gas grill Available at Retail Locations

Smoker Box for gas grill Available at Retail Locations


BOOST UP THE FLAVOR OF YOUR SMOKER BOX!- People are always in search of that great flavor to food that only comes from hardwood. In fact, it is common for discussions around outdoor cooking to use the terms grilling and barbecuing interchangeably as if they mean exactly the same thing. Let’s be clear – cooking with just LP/Gas is grilling. Barbecue is outdoor cooking over hot coals or wood, whether in lump charcoal form or straight hardwood pieces.

Barbecue vs. Grilling

In an effort for grilling equipment manufacturers to compete with charcoal grills and smokers, many began integrating a wood chip drawer in their units to imply that “barbecue” was possible on a gas grill. If you ever tried these, you likely were disappointed in finding that the intensity of flavor just didn’t compare to charcoal equipment. Then the smoker box was developed with a wide variety of design options from rectangular in shape, V-shaped at the base to fit between grill grates, and venting hole configurations that made claim to more intense smoke penetration. Here’s the thing – no one ever discussed what should go in the smoker box. The assumption was to always use wood chips but I am going to take you on a flavor journey using that box that will open your eyes to understanding cooking with hardwood.

One of the key complaints I hear is that when using wood chips in a smoking box or drawer, the chips don’t seem to give off enough smoke and have a very short burn life. In fact, refilling the box or drawer is often needed to finish a simple food item like chicken pieces or ½ slabs of pork ribs. Wood chunks or uniformed sized pieces of hardwood lend to a much longer burn/smolder rate and give off great flavor infusion.


Chef Calle's finesse technique of Grilling & Smoking Shallots on the charcoal grill using Charwood for the smoky wood flavor

Chef Calle’s finesse technique of Grilling & Smoking Shallots on the charcoal grill using Charwood for the smoky wood flavor

Grilling & Smoking Shallots with a Finesse Technique

By: Chef Calle, Resident Executive Chef

Image of Chef Calle




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For all my BBQ cooking friends who have been under the assumption that grilling is only for protein food groups, (beef, pork, fish etc.) boy do I have a taste revelation that could transform you into a disciple of the vegetable sections at local farmers marketsChar Grilled and Smoked Shallots!

Using chimney starter to ignite charwoodProcess for Grilling & Smoking Shallots

The process is fairly straightforward but doesn’t get the impression that this food item is something that you can flop on the grill grate and walk away from for an extended period of time. Finesse is the cooking standard that must be applied to enjoy the maximum flavor result rendered from this sweet cousin of the onion family.

You can tell by my strong friendship with the folks at SmokinLicious®, that I’m a big advocate of grilling with a hardwood fire. It allows for uniform cooking temperatures while simultaneously infuses food items with a natural wood smoke flavor.

So, as we begin, go about preparing your grill with only the best hardwood cooking wood and remember- never, ever start your fire with a chemically based liquid starting fluid. Use a chimney starter!

While your grill preheats to a medium temperature, prepare the whole shallots by cutting off the tips and drizzling them with skins on using the high-quality EVOO and a touch of Kosher salt. You can even season with fresh thyme or sage and let marinate for a few minutes.

Grilling & Smoking Shallots- Technique

Grilled shallots are a great side dish or garnish to prepare alongside your protein or immediately after you have removed your meat to let it rest.

Charring shallots on grill grate

Place the shallots on the grate directly over the outer fringes of the embers, ideally between the smoking wood chips and outer ring of embers. Do not place them directly over the center most concentration of the embers. If you want a slightly stronger smoky flavor, cover. If not, leave uncovered.

Here’s where the finesse part comes in- over the next 3-10 minutes, (depending on the heat and size of the shallots) watch over the shallots like a hawk watches over hatchlings in a nest. Turn often, get a good char on all sides but, for Heaven’s sake – don’t allow them to ignite into a raging conflagration! If this happens, you will lose much of the smoky sweetness and be left with a bitter tasting, burnt onion. You can best determine a great finish when the outer skins are charred nicely while the centers have a soft, moist feel when gently squeezed with cooking tongs or fingers.

Remove from the grill, let them cool a bit. Once cooled for 2-5 minutes lightly squeeze the charred outer skin and out will come the sweet and delicious interior.

After you experience the fabulous smoky flavor of your grilled shallots, I’m sure you’ll have a greater appreciation for all the food flavor benefits that can be had from your backyard grill!

Finished dish with tasty grilled shallots

Purchase Products:

Wood Chips- Grande Sapore®

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More Related reading on “What Wood for Smoking” and other great smoking and grilling tips and techniques

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Dr. Thank you Chef Calle for your finesse technique for Grilling & Smoking Shallots on the charcoal grill

Dr. Thank you Chef Calle for your finesse technique for Grilling & Smoking Shallots on the charcoal grill







The Wood Burning Pizza Oven with our Ash Wood glowing with great flavor

We specialize in products for Wood Burning Pizza Ovens!


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Let’s talk Pizza Ovens! No matter if its made of ceramic, clay, brick, steel or any combination. These are great ovens to own!

We have you covered in our Wood Master’s Guide or Match Your Cooker”.

As there are always new equipment lines and models released, we will provide updates to this listing. We also encourage you to send us a message when you don’t see a manufacturer/model listed so we can get it added.

For now, we introduce you to our Wood Master’s Guide to SmokinLicious® culinary woods for Pizza Oven.

Barrel Smoker Logs

Smokinlicious Full cut log

The following equipment/models would be suitable for the SmokinLicious® Barrel Smoker Log/ Full Cut Log . These logs are only suitable for the largest pizza oven’s cooking area. Commercial-grade wood-burning pizza ovens would use these too:


  • Braza Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven
  • Forno Bravo: Primavera 60 Outdoor Oven, Napoli Commercial Pizza Oven
  • Forno Classico: The Colosso, Fiamma Square
  • Gozney: Master™
  • Mugnaini: Medio 110, Prima 120

Barrel Smoker Logs ¼ Cut

Our Quarter cut log

These equipment/models would love the SmokinLicious® Barrel Smoker Log ¼ Cut Wood Log which we call Pizza Legno:

  • Alfa Pizza 5 Minuti
  • American Barbecue Systems model: “The Judge”, “The Smokehouse 6042”
  • Authentic Pizza Ovens: Portable Maximus Oven, Traditional Brick Famosi Wood Fire Oven, Traditional Brick Lisboa Wood Fire Oven, Stone Domed Pizza Oven, Traditional Brick Pizziaoli Wood Fire Oven, Traditional Brick Braza Wood Fire Oven
  • Bella Outdoor Living: Medio Wood Burning Pizza Oven
  • Bull Outdoor Products: X-Large Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Large Pizza Oven
  • Californo: Garzoni Pizza Oven, Verona Pizza Oven
  • Chicago Brick Oven: Wood Burning Pizza Oven Kit CBO-500, CBO-700, CBO-1000; Americano Chicago Counter Top Brick Oven; Mobile Wood Burning Pizza Oven
  • Deeco: Aztec Allure Pizza Oven
  • Dome Ovens: Tudor Model Pizza Oven, Model Pizza Oven
  • Earthstone 90-PA Wood Fired Oven
  • EcoQue Wood Burning Pizza Oven and Smoker
  • Fontana Forni: The Small-Est Outdoor Oven, Toscano Margherita Outdoor Oven
  • Fornetto: Wood Fire Oven and Smoker built-in or freestanding
  • Forno Bravo: Primavera 60 Outdoor Oven, Bella Grande C36, Bella Ultra C40, Giardino Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit, Casa Home Pizza Oven Kit, Premio Home Pizza Oven Kit, Artigiano Italian Brick Pizza Oven, Andiamo Pizza Oven, Vesuvio Tiled Pizza Oven, Napolino Tiled Pizza Oven, Toscano
  • Forno Classico: Napoli, Cupola, Square, The Colosso, Fiamma Square
  • Forno Venetzia: Pronto 500 Outdoor Pizza Oven, Pronto 300 Outdoor Pizza Oven, Pronto 200 Counter Top Wood Burning Oven, Torino 500 Pizza Oven, Torino 200 Pizza Oven, Bellagio 300 Pizza Oven, Bellagio 500 Pizza Oven, Bellagio 200 Counter Top Wood Burning Oven
  • Gardeco: Pizzaro Pizza Oven
  • Gozney: Stone™, Elite™
  • ilFornino: F-Series Mini Professional Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Platinum Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Piccolino Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Professional Plus Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Professional Series Wood Burning Pizza Oven, Elite Plus Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Grand G-Series Wood Burning Pizza Oven
  • LaToscana: Forno Easy Pizza Oven
  • Mugnaini: Medio 110 Barrel Outdoor Oven, Masonry Oven Kits Piccolo 80/Medio 100/Medio 110/Prima 100/Prima 120/Piccolo 60
  • NXR Professional Ranges: Burning Wood Dome Pizza Oven
  • Ovendesign Freestanding/Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven
  • Pizza Party Pizzone
  • Preto Beleza Wood Fired Oven
  • Prime Portable Pizza Oven
  • Renato PR/310 Outdoor Oven
  • Ravenna: Talavera Tile Pizza Oven, Rustic Liso Pizza Oven
  • Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture: Rustic Wood Fired Oven, Wood Fired Pizza Oven
  • Sunjoy: Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
  • Valhinos Natural Wood Burning Oven
  • Wood Stone: Bistro Home Ovens 3030/4836/4343/4355, Mountain Home Ovens Mt. Chuckanut 4’ & Mt. Adams 5’


photo of our Charwood

Some pizza ovens offer the option to run on charcoal. Our Charwood product is perfect for those ovens! Since our charwood still has the wood core with a charred outside, both heat and flavor are found.

For ovens that specify using an anthracite coal only which is a hard, mineral coal, charwood would not be an alternative. Any residential oven that requires gas assist, should not use charwood.

Here’s a list of equipment/models that could use the SmokinLicious® Charwood:

  • Authentic Pizza Ovens
  • Braza
  • Chicago Brick Oven
  • Gozney: Master™
  • ilFornino
  • Mugnaini
  • Ovendesign Freestanding/Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven
  • Pit Boss Charcoal Pizza Oven
  • Wood Stone: Coal Fired Pizza Ovens

Double Filet Wood Chunk

For the smaller wood burning pizza oven, go with our Double Filet Wood Chunk:

  • Gozney: Rocc™
  • Ovendesign: Circular Pizza Oven, Portable Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven (rear model and standard)
  • Uuni Pro (Ooni Pro)

[dropcapRemember[/dropcap], often the wood can make the difference between flavor and burn taste. As always, our Wood Guide Team is ready to answer your additional questions and further assist you for the perfect wood-fired experience!

SmokinLicious® products reviewed in this blog:


Quarter Cut Log

Full Cut Log

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Dr. Smoke follow our Wood fired Pizza Ovens and what products we have.

Dr. Smoke follow our Wood burning Pizza Ovens and what products we have.

Charcoal that produces properly is a fuel and provides heat! Wood adds flavor!

Charcoal that is produce properly is a fuel and provides heat! Wood adds flavor!


To our blog kiwifruit gets smoky



There are so many methods of getting a message out rapidly given the speed of technology and the many platforms for posting opinions and marketing strategies today. In doing research for a publication, I came across a statement made by a charcoal company that made me a bit … confused.

An Ingredient Not A Fuel

This company claimed that their product was an ingredient, not a fuel!

Not a fuel? That statement is in direct conflict to what charcoal manufacture was designed for – heat.

I realize that when used with 100% accuracy, charcoal will produce no smoke and a consistent heat. We all know that the 100% accuracy is the kicker – pretty much no one is proficient at producing full ignition of the charcoal with stable air intake to maintain the high heat level the product was designed for. What usually occurs is that we start out with full ignition but given the need for longer cooks, we add charcoal and thus, start to fluctuate the oxygen feed. Only during those fluctuations does the production of smoke occur with charcoal.

Non-Carbonized Wood IS Flavor

Charcoal production is the act of carbonizing wood which means all the volatiles of the wood is burned off until what is left is pure carbon or at least a high percentage of carbon. There is no refuting that it burns cleaner, hotter, and more evenly than wood only.

Here are where differences occur though when it comes to types of charcoal.

Lump charcoal is made from various scrap wood sources like furniture manufacture, a wood packaging manufacturer, the flooring manufacturer, and building material scraps. Due to the high level of variation in these pieces, most often there is not 100% carbonization of the lump charcoal production. That’s why you can get some smoke and flavor from that product; when combustion of a non-charred piece occurs, you’ll stimulate organic compounds that produce flavor. Keep in mind, because scrap wood is used you can get other debris in the purchased bag as often this is scooped up from a site and transferred to a production facility, with the scoop gathering anything that may be in the area.

Traditional charcoal manufacture also known as briquets is also made from scrap wood, sawdust and wood chip product. It is known that some manufacturers include a percentage of softwood but for the most part, the product is derived from hardwood. Briquets do have binders added and there are some types that have accelerants added to make them extremely quick to lite. Personally, I can detect those additives and feel they do change the overall flavor when cooking foods over them but you can make that determination for yourself.

Controlled flavor only comes from wood and the best and safest flavors, from hardwood. Charcoal is a fuel, it is for heat, and the only flavor it produces is when meat/poultry drippings fall directly on the hot coals and vaporize, stimulating flavors. Never are flavors stimulated from the briquet or charcoal.

So, Who Is The Ingredient?

If the definition of an ingredient is a substance that contributes or makes up a mixture, then truly hardwood, regardless if it cooking wood form is in chips, chunks, logs, dust or charwood, is an ingredient in wood-fired cooking recipes as it gives off its distinct organic flavor compounds that make up the cell structures. Heat is NOT an ingredient and that is what charcoal is: HEAT! A claim to be an ingredient just holds no truth.

Did you find this post informative? Leave a comment or suggestion as we’d love to hear from you so we can bring the information you’re looking for. And don’t forget, follow us and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

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Products discussed in this Blog:

Wood Chips- Grande Sapore®

Wood Chunks- Single & Double Filet


Dr. Smoke Charcoal needs to be supplemented by Smokinlicious wood products!

Dr. Smoke Charcoal needs to be supplemented by Smokinlicious wood products!

Our gorgeous filet of salmon is awaiting Chef Calle to turn it into Charwood Grilled Salmon on a kettle grill using a two-zone method along with Smokinlicious® wood chips!

Our gorgeous filet of salmon is awaiting Chef Calle to turn it into Charwood Grilled Salmon on a kettle grill using a two-zone method along with Smokinlicious® wood chips!

Charwood Grilled Salmon Fillets for a Hint of Smoky Flavor

By: Chef Calle, Resident Executive Chef



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Chef Calle here and thanks to SmokinLicious®, I’m going to offer an easy and palate-pleasing method to cook and lightly smoke fresh salmon fillets over a Charwood fire that features a small number of smoking chips. With this approach, the smoking chips infuse a delicate smoky flavor to the salmon without overpowering its delicious fresh taste.

Today, I’m using a Stok® Tourist™ grill, clearly one of the best Charwood grilling and smoking units on the market. If you don’t have a Stok®, just about any Charwood grill will work, if its heat chamber has room enough for both the Charwood and wood chips.

Salmon seasoned and awaiting the grill

Charwood Grilled Salmon- Preparation

Preparation is key with salmon and setting up the cooking equipment. So, first prepare the fresh salmon fillets by lightly seasoning with EVOO, salt, pepper and if you have it- fresh dill or fennel. Let them sit and soak up all those great flavorful ingredients for about half an hour or until the salmon reaches room temperature.
Chef’s Tip: Do not use salmon that is past its prime, thinking that the smoke will disguise the slightly off flavor of the fish. Only use the best salmon available.

While the fish is marinating, begin preparations for the actual grilling by first firing up SmokinLicious® all natural Charwood using a hollowed chimney starter. Never use charcoal lighter fluid! Or Charwood, charcoal briquettes, pretreated with petroleum-based starting fluid. In addition to ruining your salmon with a foul aftertaste, it’s safer not to consume the residue or remnants from petrochemical fire starter liquids.

After your embers have taken on a medium to high heat condition (grayish color), place them directly in the center of the grill’s heating chamber. Put the grill grate on over the fired embers and clean it by using either a halved onion or lemon like you would use a sponge but, do it quickly and in short strokes to avoid getting fingers or hands burned.

Smoking the Charwood Grilled Salmon

Next, position small amounts of the smoking chips (a few large handfuls, I’m using SmokinLicious® Grande Sapore) around the outer fringes of the main concentration of burning Charwood. This allows the wood chips to take on two roles- 1) indirectly contributing to the cooking process, and; 2) producing a burst of smoky vapor that flavors the fillets.

Salmon on a two zone grill absorbing all the great smoke flavor

A minute or two after you’ve positioned the smoking wood chips and reattached the grate, place the salmon fillets, skin side down on the grate, directly over the medium embers and cover. Grill and smoke the salmon for about 4 to 6 minutes, uncover and gently turn the fillets over, cover and grill and smoke the skinless side for no longer than 2 to 4 minutes depending on the thickness of the fillets.

Chef’s Tip: Be careful not to overcook. You can gauge the finish of the fillets be being able to flake them with a fork.

When done, remove the skin by gently peeling away with a fork or just serve skin side down. For a nice finishing touch, brush with a bit more, high-quality EVOO, season with freshly ground salt and pepper to taste. Feel free to garnish with fresh dill, fennel edible flowers or lemon. Hope you enjoyed Chef Calle’s recipe Charwood Grilled Salmon Fillets for a Hint of Smoky Flavor!

Bon Appetit

final plating with all the decorations!

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Wood Chips- Grande Sapore®

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More Related reading on “What Wood for Smoking” and other great smoking and grilling tips and techniques

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Awesome technique by Chef Calle- so you can do-Charwood Grilled Salmon Fillets for a Hint of Smoky Flavoror your finesse technique for Grilling & Smoking Shallots on the charcoal grill

Awesome technique by Chef Calle- so you can do-Charwood Grilled Salmon Fillets for a Hint of Smoky Flavor

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You see the options all the time. Crushed or diced tomatoes? Every chef knows when and why you choose one over the other. Did you know the same concept is true for wood chips?

At SmokinLicious®, the only true cooking wood Company, we produce our wood chips in the same manner as tomato processors! We crush the wood for our Grande Sapore® chips – these pieces produce a unique flavor because of their shape just like crushed tomatoes give a deeper flavor to recipes! These chips are meant to last and work with other ingredients for full flavor balance. We also offer our “diced” option of predetermined wood slices to produce our Minuto® and Piccolo® chips for smoldering on heat plates, cast iron, and flavor bars. Just as diced tomatoes give a fresh-from-the-garden taste, diced wood chips likewise produce a different, often more intense fresh wood flavoring.

SmokinLicious® only manufacturers cooking woods. That is our primary and only business. We know hardwoods for cooking, all types of wood-fired methods. And we know wood flavoring – how to get the best clean flavors from the select hardwoods ideal for cooking!

See for yourself why we are a superior product with a superior outcome. Enjoy the benefits of the knowledge of our flavorists and get the options you are looking for. Made the SmokinLicious® way!

Dr. Smoke- there is a smoking difference between crushed or diced wood chips

Dr. Smoke- there is a smoking difference between crushed or diced wood chips

Our Culinary Team wants you know

… that the crushing and dicing method of our making of culinary wood chips is strikingly similar in concept to how grapes are processed in the phases of wine making? For example, the Ripasso method of Italian wine production starts out with crushed, partially dried grapes and proceeds on to fermentation with the leftover skins. Both Ripasso produced wine and our crushed or diced wood chips offer distinctive flavor, body and personality in a class of their own!Our process is very similar to making wine from grapes

We have selected some of our Quora Grilling & Smoking Questions/Answers for you!

We have selected some of our Quora Grilling & Smoking Questions/Answers for you!

Gilling & Smoking Questions/Answers Share on X

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Grilling & Smoking Questions— We’ve all heard the saying, “There are no stupid questions”. I answer a lot of questions about cooking, grilling, smoking, and wood-fired cooking over the course of a week. I am always surprised that when writing on these topics, I don’t often think of the truly novice cook and offer very basic tips. So, today, that’s what my goal is.

Grilling & Smoking Questions: When cooking a rack of ribs, do you cut them into individual pieces and then grill or leave them on the rack?

I honestly understand where this question comes from. You often see ribs served pre-cut into single bone servings at restaurants so why wouldn’t you start to think they must be cooked that way.

Unfortunately, the best way to cook ribs is as a rack when purchasing baby back or St. Louis cut spare rib for pork or beef ribs. This allows a crust to form on the outside when cooked, and for the rub to penetrate the entire rack so the flavors are more even.

Grilling & Smoking Questions : What is the white stuff on the bottom of the pork ribs?

That is a membrane we call silver skin that generally is left on the rack when the butcher cuts the meat. You always want to remove that membrane as it can prevent the meat from tenderizing and is rubbery if eaten. Simply take a butter knife and insert between the membrane and the meat at one end. Loosen it and then gripping the membrane with a paper towel, peel it off, trying to get it in one piece.

Grilling & Smoking Questions: How do I cook chicken on the grill so it doesn’t dry out?

For those that don’t feel like a master of the grill, just doing meats on the grill can pose a challenge. Chicken is no exception. In fact, it can be a difficult protein to grill since white and dark meat cook at different rates. The easiest method of ensuring moist and flavorful chicken, is to cook it on a two-zone grill set up. That means only half the burners are turned on while the chicken is placed on the grate that has no burners on. This allows the heat to radiate to the chicken and cook without burning the skin or cooking beyond 165°F.

Grilling & Smoking Questions : Do I soak my wood chips or chunks to make smoke?

Great question and one to ask before you start. No, do not soak the chips or chunks or any wood product for that matter unless a manufacturer of specific equipment requests it to be soaked. When you soak the wood, only the outer layer, about 1/8-inch thick gets wet. Once a wet wood is applied to a hot fire, the fire’s energy works to remove the excess water in the form of steam. This take energy from the fire which means you can alter the cooking temperature of the equipment. Apply wood product dry to get the best flavor from the wood even if using a smoker box or aluminum foil.

Grilling & Smoking Questions : What differentiates charred food from burnt food?

Let’s first define what charred foods are. When you char a food which usually is an animal protein or thick-skinned vegetable but can be just about anything, a dark colored outer crust forms either around the edges of the food item or completely across the food’s surface. The inside of the food will retain moisture and tender texture. If the food item is dry, tough, and an ugly color, it’s burnt.

Grilling & Smoking Questions: Does soaking your steak in marinade overnight make it juicier?

Marinades are ideal when you want to add a flavor level to meats, poultry and fish. The thing with marinades is you need to be careful not over-marinate. Since meat is 75% water, adding another liquid i.e. marinade, will not penetrate beyond the outside. Oh, you can cut some slits into the meat, fish, or poultry to get is a bit deeper but marinating something overnight will not get any more flavor into the food item. Plus, you take the risk of producing a mushy result if the protein of the meat is broken down too far.

Grilling & Smoking Questions : I assume when you smoke with wood it takes quite a bit of wood to make the smoke. Exactly how much do I need?

This is one misunderstanding that drives me crazy! It is not about the quantity of wood for hot smoking. Quality and moisture are the keys. First, find a hardwood and only hardwood, that has some moisture to it. About 25% is ideal. Whether you’re using a gas grill, charcoal grill, or electric unit, you’ll only need about 6-8 ounces of hardwood to start. Know up front, you won’t and shouldn’t see a ton of smoke and that smoke should be light in color.

Grilling & Smoking Questions : How do a get “fall off the bone” ribs when I grill?

I’m going to be completely honest – you don’t want fall off the bone ribs! If you prepare the ribs correctly – trimming the excess fat, removing the silver skin, and marinating with your favorite rub, brine or marinade – grill and/or smoke them at a lower temperature (I prefer 225°F) for roughly 3 hours, and then check for doneness with the “bend test”. Taking a pair of tongs, lift the ribs in the center of the rack from the grate. If they bend and have slight cracking to the meat, they are done. You’ll still find the meat will come right off the bone when you bite into it.

Grilling & Smoking Questions : What should you do first before using a new grill or smoker?

Clean it then test burn it without food. You need to clean the surfaces – inside lid, grates, side walls – to remove any remaining chemicals from the grill’s construction. To extend the life of the grill grates, season them with a high heat oil such as avocado, peanut, or canola oil. Simply brush or wipe on the oil with a small, clean paint brush or with a paper towel. Wipe off the excess and then follow with a test burn.

By running a test burn, you can remove any further impurities left from the manufacturing of the unit so you have no tainted flavors to your foods. If you’ve purchased an LP/Gas unit, test for leaks before lighting the grill. Oh, and always read the manual first thing so you know full operation and warnings on your unit.

I’ll be sure to provide follow up posting on questions that come my way in the future to ensure that I’m always assisting everyone – from novice to pro cook.

Making you an informed consumer through valuable articles like this one. Leave us a comment and follow us or subscribe for more great recipes, techniques, tips, and the science behind the flavor. That’s SmokinLicious®.

SmokinLicious® products:

Wood Chunks- Double & Single Filet

Wood Chips- Grande Sapore®, Minuto® & Piccolo®

More related reading on our Grilling & Smoking Questions and technique see our directory on previous blogs!
More related reading on our Grilling & Smoking Questions and technique see our directory on previous blogs!

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Dr. Smoke-
Dr. Smoke- We have selected some of our Quora Grilling & Smoking Questions/Answers for you!

These are the small bags of wood chips for the technique BBQ Grill & Smoker pan, try the 3 pack or a box!

These are the small bags of wood chips for the technique BBQ Grill & Smoker pan, try the 3 pack or a box!


Welcome QVC shoppers who purchased the Technique Pre-seasoned Cast Iron 11″ BBQ Grill Pan & Smoker over the U. S. holiday weekend (July 4th). Dr Smoke did some research and watched the demonstration of this product by the great people of QVC. During the segment that I watched they recommended the use of Smokin’ Dust® with this unit. While this is true, I would also recommend the use of Smokinlicious Wood Chips as well! We have tested other stove top smokers and found that with the heavier “cast” iron pans our Wood Chips sometimes perform better than our Smokin’ Dust®

When applying our Smokinlicious Smokin’ Dust® with the Technique Pre-seasoned Cast Iron 11” BBQ Grill Pan & Smoker you may have to add water to make a paste and put it on the bottom tray of the unit. This will prolong the burn life of the Smokin’ Dust® and increase the smoke flavor during the cooking process

We have ordered a unit and will be testing our products in the next couple of weeks. Dr Smoke and the culinary crew will be testing this unit and will be adding information to our Match your Cooker section of our web site. Please check back to Smokinlicious®for updates! Please enjoy your unit!

If you need additional assistance, regarding product compatibility, or tips on smoking,please call 1-800-941-5054

Bon Bar B Q!

Dr. Smoke-create smoked foods with our wood chips for the Technique BBQ Grill & Smoker

Dr. Smoke-create smoked foods with our wood chips for the Technique BBQ Grill & Smoker



Our finished Smoked Rhubarb

Our finished Smoked Rhubarb

Try Rhubarb (smoked) for a less tart taste! Share on X

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Rhubarb Smoked – I will make a confession: I don’t like rhubarb, a spring to early summer perennial vegetable, on its own, likely due to the very tart flavor. I do, however, enjoy this vegetable smoked and then blended with a sweet fruit.

This is likely why you may not have realized that rhubarb is a perennial vegetable since this is so widely used for dessert items. The rhubarb stalks are suitable to eat but the leaves are poisonous meaning they should never be eaten or added to a smoothie. Since this is a tart vegetable, I am going to first smoke it to change the balance of that tartness. Later, I plan to use these smoked stalks in combination with some smoked strawberry to make a strawberry-rhubarb fool, a delicious treat or dessert.

For now, let’s get about a pound of fresh rhubarb, hopefully from a garden or a fresh market, and meet at the smoker for an easy method of infusing wood flavoring to this tart stalk vegetable.

Smoked Rhubarb- Selecting and Preparing

Our fresh Rhubarb picked from the garden- or buy at the Farmers Market

Rhubarb is a perennial vegetable that prefers cold conditions to thrive. When first planted, you won’t be able to harvest any of the stalks until the second year, similar to growing asparagus. When ready to harvest, you’re looking for stalks 12 to 18-inches in length with good girth to them. If the stalks are too thin, that means the plant does not have enough nutrients.

Here is a great guide on growing your own rhubarb for those that want to add to your garden production or simply like this vegetable: https://happydiyhome.com/growing-rhubarb/

Once harvested, clean well under water and pat dry. Trim all the leave ends from the stalks as these are poisonous, and discard. Note you can compost the leaves as the poisonous oxalic acid breaks down quickly when decomposition begins.

I prefer to cut my stalks into 3-4-inch lengths. That’s it! Likely one of the easiest vegetables to prepare for the smoker. Speaking of the smoker, time to prepare ours. I’ll be using an electric smoker today since smoking rhubarb takes very little time.

Tasting Notes: Whether to cut the stalks is dependent on what you plan to do with the rhubarb so adjust this step according to your planned recipe.

Smoked Rhubarb- Fire Up the Smoker!

The Electric Smoker for our Rhubarb (smoked) technique
The Electric Smoker for our Rhubarb (smoked) technique

I’ll be using a standard vertical electric smoker that uses lava rocks as the radiator of the heat as well as an electric element as the fuel/heat source. My electric smoker allows me to use wood chunks so I have an assortment of small sizes that total about 6 ounces of hardwood. The double filet wood chunk size is ideal and as a tip, if you note to SmokinLicious® the need for thin chunks, these can be provided.

My set up is simple: I wrap one of my grill grates in aluminum foil, place my element on the lava rocks and insert wood chunks between the element’s spaces. I’m using a combination of maple and cherry hardwood. I add my water pan with about 2-inches of hot water so energy from the unit isn’t wasted heating up the water. On goes my tray of pre-cut rhubarb that are spaced to allow the smoke to penetrate all around. Leave these untouched on the smoker for about 20-25 minutes or until the thickest stalks are fork tender.

The best part about rhubarb on the smoker is it takes very little effort. Trim, clean, and cut to size then place on the grate and smoke. In about 15 minutes time, you’ll see a golden hue come out of the rhubarb pieces. That means the smoke has penetrated its great flavor. Using a fork or the tip of a paring knife, I check the thickest stalk to be sure I can easily pass the metal tip thru. If so, then the rhubarb is tender and ready to come off the smoker.

Cut up Rhubarb pieces in the smoker
Cut up Rhubarb pieces in the smoker

If your plans are to prepare this for rhubarb pie, then just continue with your favorite recipe. This step is simply to provide another flavor level and begin the cooking process. Check in with us soon as we release our version of the strawberry-rhubarb fool featuring this smoked rhubarb and smoked strawberry.

What’s your favorite method of cooking rhubarb? Leave us a comment to opine and subscribe to get all our postings on tips, techniques and recipes. Bringing innovation to wood fired cooking with recipes, techniques and the science behind the fire, smoke, and flavor. That’s SmokinLicious®.

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Wood Chunks- Double Filet

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Dr. Smoke- Take tart to the smokey side with fresh, smoked rhubarb!

Dr. Smoke- Take tart to the smokey side with fresh, smoked rhubarb!