CONGRATULATIONS to all those who purchased the Deni® Hand Held Smoker from QVC® this past weekend (Item #K41876). Dr Smoke™ and the whole Team at Smokinlicious® enjoyed collaborating with Deni® in the development of this product and the wood chips we designed specifically for this unit!

Please refer to for their video demonstration of the product with the respective links to purchase it, along with the refill Tri-Package (Item #42405) of Hickory, Sugar Maple and Wild Cherry. Please see for yourself how much smoke was produced from these very special chips! We at Smokinlicious® hope you have a chance to try this unit and enjoy the great smoky taste that it produces to a variety of foods and beverages.

Practice up with the sample packets included with the unit, purchase the extra three pack to master the process of generating great flavoring with this unit. Please check back to our site in July when we release this product in all species we produce. Imagine a nice smoked White fish with “Ash” (a Meditterian style wood), prepare some hamburgers with Red or White Oak (either pre or post grilling/cooking), and then enjoy Salmon with our “alder” while you bake this in the conventional oven!

All this coming soon at!


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The Beechwood products

Smokinlicious® is pleased to announce that we have added an eighth hardwood species to our product line. Beech is now available in gourmet wood chips, double and single filet wood chunk, wood blocks and heartwood logs for purchase!

Here is the smoker’s introduction to this species

There are ten different varieties of Beech available around the world, but we will generally harvest American Beech or Red Beech(Fagus grandifolia Ehrh). Beechwood characteristics are:

  • The heartwood is dark to reddish brown.
  • American Beech has been a popular choice for charcoal making because it burns so long.
  • Beech and Oak are part of the same wood family (Fagaceae)
  • Beech is similar in flavor to White Oak.
  • It is considered a medium to bold flavor.
  • It should be used mostly with beef, pork, venison and other wild game versus poultry.

We hope you try and enjoy this great addition to our hardwood family of products. Remember all barbecue, NO bark!

Coloring to foods tends to be on the earthy palette side giving a very pleasant appearance. Because this wood is so well balanced, you can select both sweet and savory ingredients without causing any muted flavoring. This is true whether the wood is in a chunk, chip or dust form.

This can be a harder hardwood to locate since it is more prevalent in the Northeast, especially New York State but if you can locate it, pick some up and enjoy the many benefits of this grand tree.

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Dr. Smoke- we provide the best all hardwood cooking & smoking products

Try our forest grown beechwood products for a light but distinctive smoky flavor in foods.


Smokinlicious® Gourmet Wood Products is pleased to announce the arrival of our new retail Wood Chunk packaging! Like our gourmet Wood Chips, you will now find our specialty cuts of gourmet


Bag of Smokinlicious Wood Chips

Wood chunks available at select stores in our new paper packaging. Available in our “Double Filet“, “Single Filet“, and “Natural Grilling” speciality cuts, our wood chunks all come with the moisture level reading recorded right on the package! No more guessing about the moisture of the wood!Look for this product and all our exceptional gourmet products at a retailer near you. Or check our website for the nearest distributor.


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Smokinlicious is busy developing some new products for the Backyard Barbecuer and or for competition teams!

The “Q” Can.

The Q Can

We tested this last year at various events and it worked great to carry the charcoal chimney starter, fire starters, lighters, and other items that would be flammable in transit or just next to the “Barbie”! Plus when the event is over and it’s time to clean out the cooker, the Q can becomes an ash can! Perfect for delivering “hot” ashes to the collection barrel or off the deck! Once the ashes are cooled and emptied, simply put everything back in for transit or storage.

We have left room on the other side of the can for a teams “logo” or Name of the Backyard Barbecuer! It’s a Great gift idea!

Wood storage box

Wood Storage Box

We have developed a “wood” storage box. Hold approximately 1 cubic foot of chunks or chips. The box is made of wood with a strong rope handle and can be sprayed or dunked in water to rehydrate the wood prior to use! Box comes with a wood cover. In order to maintain proper air circulation we have spaced the boards for proper air flow

These items will be available on line soon!


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Chip BagSmokinlicious® is pleased to announce the release of its new retail market packaging! This paper packaging is equiped with a vent panel to allow for proper air circulation! Our Gourmet wood chip bags are available immediately and will soon be followed by the “single” and “double” filet chunks. Please look for these products in selected retail markets.

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