December 2023

Cocktail smoker kits have become the new rage! You may have had your first smoked cocktail at a craft bar and became hooked. That led to finding an easy-to-use home kit for crafting your own smoked cocktails. But, what about the cocktail smoker wood chips? If they don’t come with your kit, how do you know what size chip to purchase?

Cocktail Smoker Wood Chips

Cocktail smoker wood chips have one distinct difference from general barbeque wood chips. They are much smaller. Because the purpose is to generate a cold smoking environment to flavor the cocktail of choice, these wood chips need to produce a quick burst of flavor. Most home cocktail kits contain the wood chip fuel source but don’t indicate the actual size of the chip.

Let’s educate you on micro wood chip sizing.

The Higher the Number, the Smaller the Chip

At SmokinLicious®, we follow the European standard for sizing micro wood chips. Since these chips were originally designed for biomass usage (biofuel), the screening or separation process to select sizes was crucial. For cocktail smoking, this point is less needed.

What is important when smoking cocktails is to use a fuel wood chip that fits in the burn chamber and ignites quickly. Trapping the smoke vapor from the smoker wood chips allows the flavor to transfer to your cocktail of choice.

Although cocktail smoker kits have different features, they all require a smoker wood chip to generate smoke. Some kits may include a small amount of the chip product while others don’t. SmokinLicious® has found that most of these kits work best with our Minuto® Wood Chip sizing, specifically, chip size #6 or #8. These numbers reference millimeter sizing of the chip. So, a #8 is smaller than the #6.

With a smaller size, ignition is quick allowing for the smoke to generate and be trapped. Within seconds, you’ll be sitting with a fresh smoked cocktail!

Brands and Models

I’m sure we don’t know all the brands and models of Cocktail Smoker Kits out there but this is a short list of those that work with the Minuto® Wood Chips:

  • Breville Polyscience The Smoking Gun Pro
  • Crafthouse by Fortessa Cocktail Smoking Box
  • MITBAK Smoking Gun with Dome Lid
  • Oklahoma Joe’s Cocktail Smoking Box
  • Homia Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Infuser
  • Aged and Charred Smoke Top Lid Cocktail Smoker Kit
  • TMKEFFC Portable Smoking Gun

Cheers to finding the perfect cocktail smoker kit!

Double Filet Wood Chunks in the Camp Chef Smoke Box

The perfect fit of wood chunks in the Camp Chef Smoke Box

We frequently take phone calls and emails from people who don’t find their purchased equipment on our Match Your Cooker listing. As you can imagine, it can be a challenge to know every brand and model available of grilling equipment. But, our goal is always to find the perfect fit of wood to grill.

Recently, Steve W. of Bartlett, IL, passed along information on his newly purchased grill – the Camp Chef Woodwind Pro

Dial In the Amount of Smoke

Here’s the cool thing about this particular grill. The smoker box was designed to accommodate pellets, charcoal, wood chunks or wood chips. You can even use a combination of fuel products! Pretty awesome! The manufacturer’s design was specific to allow for more control of smoke flavor. This point is fascinating to me. I’ve listened to owners tell me they love the convenience of a pellet grill but hate the low smoke flavor. Or, that electric grills don’t allow for enough smoke production before the wood chips burn up.

Similar to the introduction of the hybrid grill, I put the Camp Chef Woodwind Pro in a similar category. It allows for variation in flavor and heat level (cooking technique) which is what a hybrid is all about.

A Little Goes a Long Way

With Steve’s help, the Camp Chef smoker box works best with just a few of our Double Filet Wood Chunk cuts. Steve indicated that if these are small pieces, a total of 3 pieces works perfectly! He can even add a bit a charcoal for extra great flavor. Our suggestion when ordering wood – just put a note in the special instruction section that you want smaller pieces of wood. We are always thrilled to customize when we can.

Camp Chef Smoker Box

Make the Most of Your Grill Investment

In days gone by, everyone would own more than one grill to allow for flexibility with cooking style and flavor. However, we find that more people want to simplify their equipment and make one purchase that can offer more option. With the design of all inclusive grills like American Barbecue Systems, KBQ®, M Grills®, Char-Broil® Hybrid Grill and Medallion Series, and Coyote Gas Hybrid Grill, one quality purchase can do it all.

So, if your in the market for a new grill and want the versatility of various cooking techniques, consider a hybrid multi fuel option. Then find the perfect, forest grown wood product at SmokinLicious® to pair with it.