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We know you are all likely aware of the excessive number of cookbooks and resource books available in the area of grilling and smoking, and I’m sure you’ve purchased your share. I’m also sure you’ve experienced periods of disappointment when you finally get the opportunity to delve into the pages of that book only to find that the recipes don’t all relate to cooking on the grill or ceramic smoker, and the tips are in short supply.

With that being said, I want to give my stamp of approval on a great resource for all you advocates of ceramic cookers out there!

Smoke It Like A Pro on the Big Green Egg & Other Ceramic Cookers by Eric Mitchell is the ultimate resource for all things done on ceramic cookers! Over the years, I’ve lamented about the need for a cookbook that includes all the detail to actual cook the recipes on the smoker and/or grill! Finally, Mr. Mitchell does just that!

His personal commitment to ceramic smokers truly shows not only in the beautiful photographs of the foods and cooker techniques, but in his simplistic terminology and focus on the small details that will make this resource a favorite. Even if you don’t own a ceramic cooker, you will gain great tips on fire starting and manipulation of the fire for fuel and flavor, as well as exceptional recipes – my personal favorite is that extensive dessert listing that is all done on the cooker.

Now available online and at select bookstores, Smoke It Like A Pro on the Big Green Egg & Other Ceramic Cookers by Eric Mitchell will get you firing up that cooker despite the weather! “Bon-Bar-B-Q!”

Dr. Smoke- One great resource for owners of ceramic cookers- "Smoke It Like a Pro!".

Dr. Smoke- For our friends that own a ceramic smoker, here’s a helpful resource you shouldn’t pass up- “Smoke It Like a Pro” by Eric Mitchell!

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The following was received from Aaron and Adrienne Ross, Dizzy Pig BBQ Team, Canada –

“The two of us have found your products provide a fantastic outcome, and are a pleasure to use. The coconut really adds to my desserts and I’m whole heartedly looking forward to trying your citrus flavors on a cheesecake recipe that I have invented.”

The following was received from Dave Witt in West Seneca, NY –

“I mixed about 3 tablespoons of Smoking Dust with my regular cherry wood sawdust. I had no issue with the temperature going hotter. I was a bit concerned when I opened the bag of dust… I was worried that because it was so fragrant that it would overpower the finished product. Instead it brought to the forefront the subtle flavor of what wood type was being used. You have a very good product there and I’m looking forward to trying it on my offset soon.”

The following was recevied from Tom T. in Eastlake, OH –

“Just like to say thank you for the great wood chunks that I have purchased from you. I have purchased sugar maple wood chunks from you twice and have achieved great success smoking meat with it. The chunks burn for a long time and add an excellent taste to the meat. Your chunks have come to me in a consistent size, just perfect for smoking, and the wood was very clean!!!!! Keep up the great job.”