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Smokin’ Dust® is a fine dust with wood flour qualities!  We have sifted our all the major wood components to leave just the finest particles!
  • Smokin' Dust® is made from our air collect wood flour and all natural flavorings formulated for food application. Remember, only the "heartwood" of the wood is used in our gourmet wood products, even our dust. You'll know by the aroma coming off the grill!!
  • SmokinLicious® Smokin' Dust® is a wonderful way to add flavor to fragile food items like fish and vegetables, which do not require long smoking times.
  •  Or, you can use the dust during a long smoking session with meats and poultry to add that extra "kick" of flavor.
  • As a testimony to the versatility of this highly screened and refined product, it is used by many Chefs, cooks and backyard grillers in smoking drawers of gas grills, stovetop smokers, commercial grade smokers, cold smokers and with the wide variety of hand held smokers on the market.
  • Perfect for The Smoking Gun™, Smokin Tube®; Deni Hand Held Smoker.


Not sure what the best smoking wood dust is for your equipment?  Simply visit our “Match Your Cooker” guide page and locate your equipment for our recommendations.


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We are pleased to offer our Smokin' Dust® in a variety of natural flavors that currently include:

"Natural (Wood Species Specific) Smokin' Dust"



     Natural (wood species specific) Flavors:


We are pleased to offer our Flavored Smokin' Dust®

"Premium Flavored Smokin' Dust"



In a variety of all natural flavors that currently include:



 Smokin' Dust

6-Pack Variety



Each Package Volume = Approx. 8.06 cubic inches

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Superior Product… Superior Outcome!  For all wood-fired techniques including smoking, grilling, coal cooking, ember fired, cold smoking, and stove top smoking.