August 2010

Cameron’s Brewery Cask Night

Dr. Smoke and the Culinary team traveled to Oakville, ON, Canada on August 26, 2010, to assist the great people of Whole Foods Market – Oakville in feeding the guests of Cameron’s Brewery’s Cask Night. The Good Dr. was selected to “crack the cask”; a lager plus lime brew that was affectionately referenced as the “Lageritta”. What a fabulous night of exceptional food tasting including Wild Cherry Smoked Mini Jalapeno and Cheddar Sausage, Sugar Maple smoked Buffalo-Style Chicken Wings, and Hickory finished Pulled Pork. There was even freshly grilled organic corn on the cob with a lime-chive butter and two delicious sides prepared by Whole Foods own Chef Ron.

Many thanks to France, Steve, Chef Ron, and the whole Team at Whole Foods Market for inviting us to be a part of this fantastic event!


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Technique® Cast Iron Grill Pan and Smoker:
Second Test Kitchen Results

The Smokinlicious®Test Kitchen conducted an additional test using the Technique® Cast Iron Grill Pan and Smoker which many of you purchased from QVC as the Special of the Day. This time, we used our flavor-infused wood product called the Woodscuit ® on the stovetop.

What We Cooked: Boneless Pork Tenderloin

How We Cooked: on the stovetop using medium-low heat on the gas range

What Wood We Used: Bourbon Flavored Woodscuit ® – 3 pieces

Length of Cook Time: 2-1/2 hours

Findings: Again, as our previous test cooks have demonstrated, the Technique® Cast Iron Grill Pan and Smoker provides for a very moist product. This time, we lined our drip pan in foil to decrease the amount of elbow-grease needed to clean up. Since our Woodscuit ® product has a moisture content of ~45 percent, these wood pieces did not display the charred look like the woods used in the previous test cooks (both the Wood Chips and Smokin’ Dust® were black by the end of the cooking time). However, once the tenderloin was finished, our panel of tasters did not find any significant smoke flavor to the end product. For those pieces that had been more to the center of the pan, the tasters noted slightly more smoke flavor but overall, there was no distinguishable smoke flavor infused in the food.

Currently, our Test Kitchen has found that the Wood Chips used on the stovetop, provide for the greatest flavor infusion of the wood used. As always, we will continue to test this cookware with a plan to see if adding water to the smoke pan with the wood product, helps to keep the flavor infusion going.

Stay tuned!

Fingerling Potatoes are Next


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