November 2006

The following was received from Aaron and Adrienne Ross, Dizzy Pig BBQ Team, Canada –

“The two of us have found your products provide a fantastic outcome, and are a pleasure to use. The coconut really adds to my desserts and I’m whole heartedly looking forward to trying your citrus flavors on a cheesecake recipe that I have invented.”

The following was received from Dave Witt in West Seneca, NY – 

“I mixed about 3 tablespoons of Smoking Dust with my regular cherry wood sawdust. I had no issue with the temperature going hotter. I was a bit concerned when I opened the bag of dust… I was worried that because it was so fragrant that it would overpower the finished product. Instead it brought to the forefront the subtle flavor of what wood type was being used. You have a very good product there and I’m looking forward to trying it on my offset soon.”

The following was recevied from Tom T. in Eastlake, OH –

“Just like to say thank you for the great wood chunks that I have purchased from you. I have purchased sugar maple wood chunks from you twice and have achieved great success smoking meat with it. The chunks burn for a long time and add an excellent taste to the meat. Your chunks have come to me in a consistent size, just perfect for smoking, and the wood was very clean!!!!! Keep up the great job.”

We have received a number of inquiries on how to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving. Here are my suggestions:
            If you are using an electric smoker, use either the wood chips (Sugar Maple-suggested) and/or the Flavored Smoking Dust (Apple-suggested).  Everyone knows their own smoker, however, I would recommend not smoking throughout the cooking process.  Since the electric smoker will give off the heat, add chips or dust at the beginning, nothing half way through and finally at the end of the process, approximately  ½ hour before the finish.  I do not like a heavy smoke on Turkey!  If you prefer heavy smoke – then feel free to smoke throughout the cooking process. (more…)

We had a great time at the “National BBQ Festival” in Douglas, GA.  The hospitality was excellent and we send our best to Myra at the Hampton Inn.  Our Educational Series on how to smoke not only the expected food items (ribs, butt, etc.) but also unique food items (pizza, mushrooms, bananas, eggs, etc.) continued.   The local PBS crew was great in filming our preparation of the pork butt on Friday and then preparation of the pork loin and finished banana tartlets on Saturday.  This will be part of a 13- part series on  Barbecue.  Thank you,  Amanda and crew, of Kef Media Associates(more…)