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  • Our logs are super clean solid pieces of hardwood that are targeted for the perfect moisture level.
  •  And, they can be custom sized for the ideal length needed for the equipment.
  •  Once you try our culinary logs you’ll see first-hand the benefits of our product for cooking.
  •  Equipment that requires only wood for fuel and flavor, or that has gas or electric ignition but requires wood for flavor, benefit immensely from our logs
  • As with all our gourmet wood products at SmokinLicious®, our Barrel Smoker Logs are derived from only the heartwood of the tree.
  • Our Full-Size Logs are CUT,[not fileted], to 12-inch lengths and have a variable width that is dependent on the specific species of wood.
  •  These widths can range from 3.5" to 8". The height of the logs will be 3.5" or 4"
  • Available in Wild Cherry, Alder, Sugar Maple, Ash, Hickory, Red and White Oak and Beechwood species.
  • The Full-Size Logs are perfect for the mobile cooker, barrel-style cooker, and commercial cookers. For a firebox that is at least 4"Hx6"Wx14"L, try our 1/4 Cut Log. Still derived from the same premium, clean-burning heartwood, this cut was developed as a result of YOU, our customers, request!
  • Start enjoying the benefits of 100% bark-free, chemical-free, heartwood when you order one of our premium log species.
  • We are kosher certified, attesting to our clean manufacturing processes and assuring you that we manufacture from real hardwood NOT from a by-product or waste product.
  •  All types of log using smokehouses will love our logs for their
    • long burn time
    • low ash production
    • size consistency
  • All these factors add up to cost savings, and exceptional wood-fired flavoring, low maintenance costs due to decrease part compromise by soot, resin, and ash clogging.


Not sure what the best smoking wood log is for your equipment?  Simply visit our “Match Your Cooker” guide page and locate your equipment for our recommendations.


FedEx Ground Shipping is Included in our Pricing (Average shipping time is 2-5 days).

Smokinlicious is a Forest Fresh cooking wood manufacturer!  We select from Local Mills heartwood from recent cuttings in 8 species we produce

 "1/4 Cut Wood Log"


1/2 cubic foot Box


The 1/4 cut Logs are approximately1-1/16"H X 3-1/2"W X 12"L,


with minimal sizing variation in each cut.


Perfect for those cookers with a firebox that is at least 4"H x 6"W x14"L.

 "Full Log Cut"


1 cubic foot Box


The full Logs are approximately 3-1/2"-4"H X 4" to 8"W X 12"L in size.


The width of the log will vary according to species of wood.


Especially good for offset smokers.

Log Sizes
Wood Selections (max. 2)
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For accurate cutting Baker Products has delivered precision cutting since our inception. This assures our customers of accurate and square cuts.

Superior Product… Superior Outcome!  For all wood-fired techniques including smoking, grilling, coal cooking, ember fired, cold smoking, and stove top smoking.