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Let’s talk Pizza Ovens! No matter if its made of ceramic, clay, brick, steel or any combination. These are great ovens to own!

We have you covered in our Wood Master’s Guide or Match Your Cooker”.

As there are always new equipment lines and models released, we will provide updates to this listing. We also encourage you to send us a message when you don’t see a manufacturer/model listed so we can get it added.

For now, we introduce you to our Wood Master’s Guide to SmokinLicious® culinary woods for Pizza Oven.

Barrel Smoker Logs

Smokinlicious Full cut log

The following equipment/models would be suitable for the SmokinLicious® Barrel Smoker Log/ Full Cut Log . These logs are only suitable for the largest pizza oven’s cooking area. Commercial-grade wood-burning pizza ovens would use these too:


  • Braza Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven
  • Forno Bravo: Primavera 60 Outdoor Oven, Napoli Commercial Pizza Oven
  • Forno Classico: The Colosso, Fiamma Square
  • Gozney: Master™
  • Mugnaini: Medio 110, Prima 120

Barrel Smoker Logs ¼ Cut

Our Quarter cut log

These equipment/models would love the SmokinLicious® Barrel Smoker Log ¼ Cut Wood Log which we call Pizza Legno:

  • Alfa Pizza 5 Minuti
  • American Barbecue Systems model: “The Judge”, “The Smokehouse 6042”
  • Authentic Pizza Ovens: Portable Maximus Oven, Traditional Brick Famosi Wood Fire Oven, Traditional Brick Lisboa Wood Fire Oven, Stone Domed Pizza Oven, Traditional Brick Pizziaoli Wood Fire Oven, Traditional Brick Braza Wood Fire Oven
  • Bella Outdoor Living: Medio Wood Burning Pizza Oven
  • Bull Outdoor Products: X-Large Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Large Pizza Oven
  • Californo: Garzoni Pizza Oven, Verona Pizza Oven
  • Chicago Brick Oven: Wood Burning Pizza Oven Kit CBO-500, CBO-700, CBO-1000; Americano Chicago Counter Top Brick Oven; Mobile Wood Burning Pizza Oven
  • Deeco: Aztec Allure Pizza Oven
  • Dome Ovens: Tudor Model Pizza Oven, Model Pizza Oven
  • Earthstone 90-PA Wood Fired Oven
  • EcoQue Wood Burning Pizza Oven and Smoker
  • Fontana Forni: The Small-Est Outdoor Oven, Toscano Margherita Outdoor Oven
  • Fornetto: Wood Fire Oven and Smoker built-in or freestanding
  • Forno Bravo: Primavera 60 Outdoor Oven, Bella Grande C36, Bella Ultra C40, Giardino Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit, Casa Home Pizza Oven Kit, Premio Home Pizza Oven Kit, Artigiano Italian Brick Pizza Oven, Andiamo Pizza Oven, Vesuvio Tiled Pizza Oven, Napolino Tiled Pizza Oven, Toscano
  • Forno Classico: Napoli, Cupola, Square, The Colosso, Fiamma Square
  • Forno Venetzia: Pronto 500 Outdoor Pizza Oven, Pronto 300 Outdoor Pizza Oven, Pronto 200 Counter Top Wood Burning Oven, Torino 500 Pizza Oven, Torino 200 Pizza Oven, Bellagio 300 Pizza Oven, Bellagio 500 Pizza Oven, Bellagio 200 Counter Top Wood Burning Oven
  • Gardeco: Pizzaro Pizza Oven
  • Gozney: Stone™, Elite™
  • ilFornino: F-Series Mini Professional Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Platinum Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Piccolino Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Professional Plus Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Professional Series Wood Burning Pizza Oven, Elite Plus Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Grand G-Series Wood Burning Pizza Oven
  • LaToscana: Forno Easy Pizza Oven
  • Mugnaini: Medio 110 Barrel Outdoor Oven, Masonry Oven Kits Piccolo 80/Medio 100/Medio 110/Prima 100/Prima 120/Piccolo 60
  • NXR Professional Ranges: Burning Wood Dome Pizza Oven
  • Ovendesign Freestanding/Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven
  • Pizza Party Pizzone
  • Preto Beleza Wood Fired Oven
  • Prime Portable Pizza Oven
  • Renato PR/310 Outdoor Oven
  • Ravenna: Talavera Tile Pizza Oven, Rustic Liso Pizza Oven
  • Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture: Rustic Wood Fired Oven, Wood Fired Pizza Oven
  • Sunjoy: Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
  • Valhinos Natural Wood Burning Oven
  • Wood Stone: Bistro Home Ovens 3030/4836/4343/4355, Mountain Home Ovens Mt. Chuckanut 4’ & Mt. Adams 5’


photo of our Charwood

Some pizza ovens offer the option to run on charcoal. Our Charwood product is perfect for those ovens! Since our charwood still has the wood core with a charred outside, both heat and flavor are found.

For ovens that specify using an anthracite coal only which is a hard, mineral coal, charwood would not be an alternative. Any residential oven that requires gas assist, should not use charwood.

Here’s a list of equipment/models that could use the SmokinLicious® Charwood:

  • Authentic Pizza Ovens
  • Braza
  • Chicago Brick Oven
  • Gozney: Master™
  • ilFornino
  • Mugnaini
  • Ovendesign Freestanding/Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven
  • Pit Boss Charcoal Pizza Oven
  • Wood Stone: Coal Fired Pizza Ovens

Double Filet Wood Chunk

For the smaller wood burning pizza oven, go with our Double Filet Wood Chunk:

  • Gozney: Rocc™
  • Ovendesign: Circular Pizza Oven, Portable Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven (rear model and standard)
  • Uuni Pro (Ooni Pro)

[dropcapRemember[/dropcap], often the wood can make the difference between flavor and burn taste. As always, our Wood Guide Team is ready to answer your additional questions and further assist you for the perfect wood-fired experience!

SmokinLicious® products reviewed in this blog:


Quarter Cut Log

Full Cut Log

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Dr. Smoke follow our Wood fired Pizza Ovens and what products we have.

Dr. Smoke follow our Wood burning Pizza Ovens and what products we have.