clean smoking wood

We call 2023 the transition year! We’ve taken a look at our production and found more ways to bring you great hardwood. That includes improvements in our handling of our products.

We’ve added more hands-free packaging options for our wood chip product. We’ve improved our cutting process to our wood chunks, blocks and logs. And, we gave you a simple web design for quicker shopping. All adding up to bring you great hardwoods in 8 wood types of different products.

Great Information Is a Click Away!

Best of all, we still offer great advise on cooking with wood. Whether your looking to grill or smoke a specific food, or need a solution to equipment issues, we have the answers! With our extensive recipe categories, you’ll find something for every occasion.

Reminder: Order Early for the Holidays

Have a grilling or smoking enthusiast? We have something for everyone and every type of equipment. Orders received generally have a quick turn around – most within 24 hours! Pus, shipping is included for all orders placed in the USA.

It’s great to reconnect. We look forward to providing new content in 2024 and answering all your wood fired questions about North American hardwood.