Does Sweet Sugar Maple Sour Up

We are fortunate to provide you with one of the most popular wood species for smoking foods: Sweet Sugar Maple hardwood. This extremely versatile wood can be used to smoke everything from eggs to brisket. It is highly popular due to its sweet flavor which seems to infuse so easily in foods like chicken and pork. But Sugar Maple is not the only variety of Maple hardwood available in the USA. Silver Maple, Red Maple, and Box Elder are other varieties that can be found. However, by far, Sugar Maple is the best species for smoking foods as it has approximately 2% higher sugar concentration than any other variety. One caution regarding Sugar Maple is the color change that occurs with the wood. Depending on when the wood is harvested, it generally has a light tan appearance but can be as light as a blonde coloring. This wood will naturally change color to a darker brown or even light gray. Why such a drastic change in color even when you keep the wood out of the light? Well, lighting has no effect on this wood. What changes the coloring is the molecular make-up of Sugar Maple. This tree is designed to produce maple syrup! Since it is one of the most popular trees to tap for the maple syrup producing sap, it also undergoes some changes both pre-sap production and post-sap production. So when you get the wonderfully sweet Sugar Maple hardwood and see that it has gone dark on you, whatever you do, don’t throw it away! Continue to enjoy its wonderful flavoring. Just think of it as wood that has gone on vacation and come back with a deep, dark tan!


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