I want to thank everyone for their feedback and comments regarding the “one size does not fit everything”! There are so many smokers/grills on the market today, that we’ve always felt that one cooking wood or cooking wood chip size does not fit every piece of equipment! Is the description “wafer” our chip size?? Users of the various equipment always seem to be trying to fit either an oversized piece or and undersize piece into the unit to make it work! Just like when a recipe calls for a Tablespoon, you don’t add a cup. It’s the same concept with wood flavoring!

So, after much research and work in the test kitchen, we, at SmokinLicious® will be welcoming new equipment at a facility and begin to manufacture more variety with our cooking wood size. Our packages distinguish the following concepts:

Wood Species
Sizing of the product
Fines Fraction
Bark Particles
Wetness (moisture) level
Ash level

Although we have been providing this customization to our wholesale customers, we feel it is time to make this information available to our internet/home user customers!

The first scheduled product will be the “SmokinLicious® “Wood Nugget” This product will consist of pieces of wood approximately 30-35 mm by 15 mm, a perfect size when you want to add something other than a whole chunk to the process but need something more than a small chip in order to avoid flare-ups over the hot coals. The Wood Nugget will have substance and should produce excellent smoke.

This will allow the backyard barbequer the means to set up the fire with a base hardwood for smoking and add something at the end to match, just like the commercial smokehouses! Use your base hickory and add cherry nuggets to provide some great red hue to the end product!

While we a SmokinLicious® will never stop refining products for smoking, grilling, ember fire cooking, and oven cooking, we hope to have the classification of more products completed by the end of this year. We will introduce these over the internet and then the consumer packaged products by Spring 2015! As always, we welcome your comments and feedback!

Bon Bar B Que,


Dr. Smoke

Dr. Smoke- We make a variety of cooking wood chip sizes to accommodate the wide range of wood-fired grills and smokers.

Dr. Smoke- We make a variety of cooking wood size to accommodate the wide range of wood-fired grills and smokers.








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