Kiwi gets smoky by adding a new twist to your kiwifruit by cold smoking it to enhance its wonderful sweet flavor.

Kiwifruit gets smoky by adding a new twist to your kiwifruit by cold smoking it to enhance its wonderful sweet flavor.

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Kiwifruit is now in season! It’s time to use this potassium, vitamin A, C & E enriched fruit in your favorite recipes. How about doing something to up the flavor level a bit?

Packed with more vitamin C than an orange and as much potassium as a banana, Kiwifruit, more commonly called kiwi, is also a fiber powerhouse. I’m going to take this creamy fruit favorite to a new flavor level by cold smoking it.

The Ease of Hand Held Food Smoking

To do this technique, you’ll need a handheld food smoker, SmokinLicious® Minuto® Smoking Wood Chips in size 6, 8 or 10, a lighter, a sheet pan, a food bag large enough to go over your sheet pan, and a cable tie. Then gather together the number of kiwifruits you’d like to infuse with smoke vapor, and have a knife and cutting board available.

Kiwifruit Gets Smoky by Letting the Smoke In

Simply cut your kiwifruit in half to allow the smoke vapor to penetrate the fruit flesh. As kiwifruit is covered by a brown, fuzzy skin, you will need some of the fruit’s meat exposed to get real smoke flavor incorporate. Otherwise, leaving them whole won’t bring much of a smokiness to the fruit meat.

What I love the most about cold smoking with a handheld food smoker like The Smoking Gun™ Smoker, is how fast this flavoring can be done to any food, beverage, liquid, spice or herb item. After cutting me kiwifruit in half to allow for maximum penetration of the smoke vapor, I place the cut halves on a sheet pan. I then slip a food bag over the sheet pan.

A Pinch of Hardwood Is All It Takes

Time to prepare The Smoking Gun™ Smoker or other handheld food smokers you might have. I take just a pinch of Alder Minuto® Smoker Wood Chips and place in the bowl of the food smoker. I insert the tubing into the food bag, about ½ way back and gently draw at the end of the bag around the tubing. I’m now ready to turn the food smoker on and light my Alder chips.

A Cloud of Smoky Goodness- Kiwifruit Gets Smoky

Once the smoke is dispensing at a good rate into the food bag, turn the handheld food smoker off and remove the tubing, cinching the food bag tight. I attach a cable tie to the end to keep it closed tight. Here’s a tip: have your cable tie pre-looped for easy application and less chance for any leaking smoke vapor.

Allow the smoke vapor to remain in the bag until dissipated. If you want an extremely light smoke flavor, then feel free to release the smoke vapor as you see fit. For me, I will patiently wait for it to clear before releasing the cable tie on the bag.

Containment Is Key

Not only are hand-held food smokers, like The Smoking Gun™ Smoker easy to operate and extremely fast at infusing smoke flavor, but they also generate a lot of smoke that can be easily captured. Although I’ve used a food bag over a sheet pan, feel free to place the kiwifruit on a plate fitted with a dome cover or simply use plastic wrap. Anything that can trap the smoke is ideal. You will see as the smoke is produced, it will travel throughout whatever container you’re using covering the entire food surface. Although this looks like a huge amount of smoke that would potentially produce strong or bold smoke flavor, I remind you that I am using a very mild hardwood – Alder – to infuse smoke flavor to the kiwifruit. I highly recommend whenever doing a fruit item – go with a milder hardwood for the infusion process.

15 Minutes to Smoky Goodness- Kiwifruit Gets Smoky

This simple method of using a handheld food smoker with SmokinLicious® Minuto® Smoking Wood Chips in Alder to add a mild smoky flavor to seasonal kiwifruit takes just 15 minutes. All of the nutritional benefits remain in this healthy fruit; rich in potassium, vitamins A, C, and E, as well as fiber. Think about all the things you can do with this super fruit: add it to a smoothie, cut it up for fruit salad, pair it with a grain like quinoa, rice, or farro, or simply enjoy it as is. For me, I’m thinking of entertaining so I will start with a cocktail recipe.

Did you like this idea? If so, leave us a comment and let us know what you would love to see next. Be sure to follow and subscribe to us as we bring you innovative ideas for adding wood-fired flavoring to all types of foods. Check in next for my Smoked Kiwi Caipiroska, a flavorful cocktail featuring kiwifruit, mint, and vodka.

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Dr. Smoke- <em>"Smoked kiwi is a <a href=";Fruits">great dessert</a>, snack, or it can be added to your breakfast smoothie to provide some added flavors." try our Kiwifruit gets smoky ideas</em>

Dr. Smoke- “Smoked kiwi is a a href=”>Fruits”>great dessert, snack, or it can be added to your breakfast smoothie to provide some added flavors.” try our Kiwifruit gets smoky ideas