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Our Single Filet smoker wood chunks we produce in all 8 species!  These are perfect for the large offset smoker and for long smoking needs!  


  • Our Single Filet Smoking Wood Chunks are sized perfectly for the larger firebox commonly found on horizontal cookers and offsets.
  •  We specialize in dialing in the perfect moisture level that ensures these chunks smoke and don’t simply burn like firewood.  In fact, we record the moisture reading at the time of packaging and include this with your order, so you know it is FRESH product!
  • Additionally, we include information on how to store the hardwood as we know the science of the wood and what it needs.
  • Currently, we offer three carton sizes: Small, Large, and Serious.  Something exclusive to SmokinLicious® - YOU can select up to 3 hardwood choices in a single carton purchase, something not offered anywhere else!
  • Simply type in your selections from our 8 hardwood choices: Alder, Ash, Beech, Hickory, Red Oak, Sugar Maple, White Oak, Wild Cherry.



this weeks featurered item

 Small Single Filet

1/4 cubic foot


 Large Single Filet

2/3 cubic foot


 "The Serious Single Filet Wood Chunk Smoker"

1 cubic foot Box$46.09 USD

For your choice of woods you can select up 3 woods in the single carton purchase, something not found anywhere else!To specify your smoking wood selections, please select each woods in the Wood Selections boxes in the shopping cart area! Remember, you may select up to 3 hardwoods or one kind (just note NONE in the other selections)

Single Filet Wood Chunk
Selection 1 or Single
Selection 2 Double or (None)
Selection 3 or (None)
Contact Telephone # (format: xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Special Packaging Instructions

Tip--please store your unused wood in a cool, dry location making sure to allow the wood to breathe. The best way to ensure good air circulation is to keep the original carton open, punching some tiny holes on all sides of the box for proper ventilation.

Two hands are holding the Cherry wood single filet as we push this thru the fileting process and split into a double filet! 



Not sure what the best smoking wood chunk size is for your equipment?


 Simply visit our “Match Your Cooker” guide page and locate your equipment for our recommendations.


FedEx Ground Shipping (Continental USA) is Included in our Pricing (Average shipping time is 2-5 days).

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