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The Double filet the smallest of the smoker wood chunks!  This filleting process separates the fibers of the wood to allow quick smoke release!
  • Easily the most popular of our wood cut product line for home as well as commercial settings using smaller smoking equipment is our Double Filet Smoking Wood Chunks.
  • Perfect for vertical smokers, LP grills with diffusers, smaller commercial grade electric and gas-fired smokers, these 2x2x3 inch heartwood pieces infuse maximum wood flavor.
  •  Available in 8 hardwood species, our Smoker Wood Chunk -Double Filet is forest grown,
  • 100% bark free with no chemicals
  • and moisture controlled for optimum smoke production.
  • The Double Filet assures users of little ash residue and a highly flavorful clean, wood-fired cook
  • We take great care to ensure that our woods, after fileting, have a higher moisture content. We even go as far as to take a moisture reading of the wood at the time of packaging your order to be sure you are getting the freshest product available!
  • For your convenience, we offer cardboard boxes of our select SmokinLicious ® Gourmet Smoking Wood Chunks.
  • They are available in three sizes: Small, Large, and Serious.
Two hands are holding the Cherry wood single filet as we push this thru the fileting process and split into a double filet! 

 Small Double Filet

1/4 cubic foot


 Large Double Filet

2/3 cubic foot


 "The Serious Wood Double Filet Chunk Smoker"


1 cubic foot Box

For your choice of woods you can select up 3 woods in the single carton purchase, something not found anywhere else!To specify your smoking wood selections, please select each woods in the Wood Selections boxes in the shopping cart area! Remember, you may select up to 3 hardwoods or one kind (just note NONE in the other selections)

TIP-please store your unused wood in a cool, dry location making sure to allow the wood to breathe. The best way to ensure good air circulation is to keep the original carton open, punching some tiny holes on all sides of the box for proper ventilation.

Double Filet Wood Chunk
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