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	Our Friction log page details the exceptionally customized friction logs that we manufacture in 8 species for customers around the globe! 

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 You have discovered… The premier manufacturer of Friction logs in North America!  Only the “select “forest fresh trees from Western New York and Pennsylvania, USA are harvested for our Friction logs.  We take this another step further, and strip off the outer layers of wood to leave only the “heartwood” of the tree.  Only this piece, “Bark Free” and knot free is put into our manufacturing process to be milled into the premium SmokinLicious® friction log!


Our Friction log milling machine



PRODUCT QUALITY – precision milling


 Our specialized precision equipment can custom mill these “Heartwood” pieces into the exact dimensions to fit your equipment’s Friction log smoke generator attachment!   We custom manufacture all our friction logs with fresh cuts (on all sides) to maximize the logs sliding potential.  Our standard friction logs have a “blade” surface on all six sides.    Friction logs are available in a 4 sided “smooth” surface if required for your equipment slide.


Our Friction smoke generator simulator Our Friction logs have minimal warp and perform superbly in smoker equipment such as Maurer-Atmos, Kerres, Fessmann, Sorgo and others.



 Our check mark for important factsPRODUCT SIZING

 Our specialty mill allows us to custom cut our logs to any width, height and even length to meet your equipment’s needs.  Yes, we cut the standard requested sizes of (80 x 80 x 950mm or 80 x 100 x 950mm or 40 x 40 x 950mm, 70 x 70 x 510mm).   But remember, with SmokinLicious® you are never restricted with ONLY these sizes, and we do produce custom sizes for customers for either “short” or “Longer” runs in their smokehouses!


 All 8 species are available in our Friction log products:






  Maple- Sugar

  Red Oak

  White Oak


 Our check mark for important factsPERFORMANCE – moisture controlled

If you ask us… the biggest item that is often overlooked is the moisture level of the Friction log!   Too dry and there is weak smoke output to the product, often the knock-on friction log generators, a moist Friction log will produce a better smoke result.    We as the Manufacturer can control this for you through our on site kiln facility!

Remember, thorough attention to controlling the moisture level of our Friction logs means that you will benefit from a steady, long burn time, bringing about the type of ‘just right’ smoke for a clean and flavor full  smoky richness to foods.


Let us dial in your moisture needs to maximize smoke output for your products.


Without question, our Friction logs generate the best smoke – giving you a huge advantage for exceptional wood smoke food flavoring.


Contact us today!  So, you can begin the SmokinLicious® “Flavor Journey” for your customers.



Our Kiln facility allows us to dial in moisture  levels  for smoking equipment applications.  We can control moisture levels on all our products
Smokinlicious is a Forest Fresh cooking wood manufacturer!  We select from Local Mills heartwood from recent cuttings in 8 species we produce
All Bark and the contaminents they harbor, are eliminated from the heartwood logs, before then enter our processing facility!  We are Bark Free!











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