Smokinlicious®.com’s newest product, “Flavored Smoking Dust”, was very well received by the public at the 18th Annual Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue in Lynchburg, TN!   This product consists of a refined sawdust which is a composition of hardwoods- sugar maple, wild cherry, red and white oak, and ash.   We then add an FDA approved, all natural flavoring to the mixture.  Our current flavor offerings include:  Apple, Cherry, Peach, Orange and Coconut.  When used for the smoking process the mixture retains its high moisture level so that it will smoke when applied directly to the fire.

If you were at “The Jack”, we demonstrated this product in the Big Green Egg® by preparing samples for the public.   We found that this product does increase the temperature of the cooker by about 15 to 20 degrees.  We did not soak the product prior to use; we applied it directly from the package.  Soaking in water should increase the smoking and reduce the increase in temperature. Smoking Dust will work very well in a gas grill smoking drawer or a foil pouch.   The crowds found the smoke smelled terrific!  Oh, I might add, that some of the Canadian and Swiss teams competing at “The Jack”  used this product during the competition.


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