During most competitions we distribute a sample of our products to the competiting teams. I call it the secret ingredient of the competition!! During the Oinktoberfest I handed out smokin Dust as our gift pack to the teams. In the fairness of the competition I try to mix up the flavors among the teams! The following is what one competitor had to say about our product:

“We would like to thank you for your sample of Black Cherry Smokin’ Dust® during Oinktoberfest 2007. We were able to place 4th in pork during the KCBS contest using your product. Even better we were able to win Grand Champion in the backyard event on Sunday. We used the Dust on all categories, (1st chicken wings, 6th sausage, 3rd ribs, 2nd beef). We also won the chili cook off with meat smoked using the Dust.

Overall great product that gave us the winning edge, my order is coming soon!”

Good Smoke BBQ
Rochester, NY
Thank you Brian!!

Bon Bar B Q

Dr Smoke!!!


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