We have received a number of inquiries on how to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving. Here are my suggestions:
            If you are using an electric smoker, use either the wood chips (Sugar Maple-suggested) and/or the Flavored Smoking Dust (Apple-suggested).  Everyone knows their own smoker, however, I would recommend not smoking throughout the cooking process.  Since the electric smoker will give off the heat, add chips or dust at the beginning, nothing half way through and finally at the end of the process, approximately  ½ hour before the finish.  I do not like a heavy smoke on Turkey!  If you prefer heavy smoke – then feel free to smoke throughout the cooking process.
            If you are using The Big Green Egg, WSM, or an off-set, start your fire as usual (keep in mind the time needed for cooking to internal temperature) and then add  Sugar Maple Wood Chunks.  You want the sweetness of this wood as well as the natural caramelization.  Depending on your smoker,  you can continue to smoke with the chunks but if you want a significant burst of smoke flavor, mix sugar maple chips with smoking dust (apple).  Another alternative would be to use the Woodsuit® Apple.  Since you can control the heat of the fire with the Woodscuit®, I would not add any chips but maybe a sprinkling of smoking dust.