We had a great time at the “National BBQ Festival” in Douglas, GA.  The hospitality was excellent and we send our best to Myra at the Hampton Inn.  Our Educational Series on how to smoke not only the expected food items (ribs, butt, etc.) but also unique food items (pizza, mushrooms, bananas, eggs, etc.) continued.   The local PBS crew was great in filming our preparation of the pork butt on Friday and then preparation of the pork loin and finished banana tartlets on Saturday.  This will be part of a 13- part series on  Barbecue.  Thank you,  Amanda and crew, of Kef Media Associates
We officially introduced our Flavor Enhanced Smoking Dust at this show.  We are unaware of any teams having competed at this event with dust but as is common on the competitive circuit, secrecy is the general rule.   Our gourmet woods placed very well at this event, including a Reserve Grand Champion (see “The Winning Edge” ).  The customers at our booth appreciated the smell of this dust and a large quantity of this item sold.  Actually, one customer came up with a great idea – take our chips (maple, oak, cherry or ash) and add the smoking dust.  This will add flavor to the smoke along with the natural flavor of the wood.  I tried it during our demonstration and it was very effective on the pork loin.