Preliminary Test Kitchen Results

The Smokinlicious® Test Kitchen had an opportunity to use the Technique® Cast Iron Pan and Smoker which many of you purchased via QVC. Here are some preliminary findings by our Culinary Team:

➝Use caution when selecting cuts of meat with this cast iron pan! We had purchased a 10 lb. pork shoulder and struggled to get the cover tightly on the pan. Right now, it appears that cuts less than 8 lbs. would be ideal for cooking/smoking/roasting/grilling.

➝I’m sure we were not the only purchasers to be disappointed to read in the Technique® brochure that you should “not try to smoke in the oven” with this unit. Rest assured, Dr. Smoke will see if there is a means of actually smoking in a conventional oven by using low temperature and Liquid Infused Wood Chips /Smokin’ Dust®.
/Wood Chunks with this smoker unit (more on these findings as they become available).

➝ We cooked both a bone-in pork shoulder and bone-in chicken breast. Both cooks revealed great moisture to the meat. We used the recommended medium heat setting on our gas range but found that the cast iron pan radiates a significant amount of heat. Thus, we recommend reducing the heat setting to a low-medium (“3″ if you have a digital setting) on gas units. We also turned the heat off our cast iron pan approximately 20 minutes prior to completing the cooking time in order to benefit from the pan’s ability to generate further heat on its own. Remember, all meat should rest prior to cutting.

➝ There was considerable “rendering” out of the fat drippings into the drip pan. There is significant staining on the stainless steel drip pan so you may want to consider lining the pan with foil or even parchment paper to reduce metal staining.

Smokin’ Dust® Usage: although the dust will render black in this pan, it did give off a tremendous amount of aroma. We used the Smokin’ Dust® dry, about 2 Tablespoons worth, in the center of the smoking pan. This appears to be the correct amount although we did not feel it produced as much flavor to the meat as a conventional smoker.

Wood Chips: we used Wild Cherry Wood Chips (standard grind) in the smoker pan while cooking a bone-in chicken breast on the gas stovetop. The chips also produced significant aroma in the air but we found that they produce much more flavor to the meat. Keep in mind, our chicken breast was just over 2lbs so it fit easily in the grill pan with the cover tightly on. The fact that more flavor was infused in the chicken could be the result of less air leakage than the pork shoulder and the fact the chicken is much more porous allowing for ease in accepting smoke. We used the Wood Chips pre-soaked for 15 minutes in water, then allowed to drip dry before placing in the smoker pan. We used approximately 1 handful and spread them in the smoking pan to allow the drip pan to fit easily in place. Once our chicken was finished, we noted that the wood chips also blackened during the cooking process, much like the Smokin’ Dust®.

At this stage in our testing of the Technique® Cast Iron Pan and Smoker, we feel it is comparable to other stovetop units that we’ve tested. One important difference is the fact that there is no built in thermometer, so you must check the meat with a handheld or wireless thermometer to ensure you remove the food at the proper cooking temperature. Here are some other points worthy of mention:

➝ this is a heavy cast iron pan and all parts of it become very hot
➝ the pan can use some additional seasoning as there is some food sticking occurring with the grill pan
➝ it does take some effort to clean but if you re-season and continue to use the cast iron pan, I would anticipate this to become less of an issue
➝ there is a significant convection occurrence when cooking which produces a very moist product but as mentioned above, you must time the cooking process to ensure no over-cooking

Stay tuned for additional posting regarding this cookware. Our plans are to try the Smokin’ Dust®.
mixed with liquid as well as to try our Woodscuit ® Flavor-Infused products.

Till then, “Bon-Bar-B-Q!”

Donna G


Dr. Smoke- Technique® Cast Iron Pan & Smoker passes the Smokinlicious® kitchen test!

Dr. Smoke- The Technique® Cast Iron Pan & Smoker passes the Smokinlicious® kitchen test with flying colors when using our sized hardwood smoking chips!

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Smokinlicious® wood Blocks are perfect for a J&R Equipment

Smokinlicious® wood Blocks are perfect for a J&R Equipment


One key factor that is often not considered when the decision is made to purchase commercial-grade equipment like J&R Equipment is the cooking wood product that the unit derives its flavor from. Don’t be fooled by the statement that “any wood will be fine”, as there IS a difference! In fact, only hardwood should be used as a cooking wood, never softwoods, but even some hardwoods are not ideal for wood-fired cooking and flavor. Some bark is toxic, other woods are too high in resin, and others don’t possess a balance of flavonoids to make them pleasant to the palate.

You take the time to research equipment before making that purchase, isn’t it time you give the same consideration to the cooking wood product you need?

Our video featured here highlights the study, testing, and care we take to ensure a perfect marriage of cooking wood to equipment. Get the full potential from your J&R Equipment investment by using only hardwoods DESIGNED for cooking! Be informed, don’t hesitate to ask questions, and find the best source for the investment you’ve made and will continue to make. Remember, the success you pine for in your menu is directly dependent on the skills of both your kitchen staff AND equipment.


To our blog kiwifruit gets smoky

(2015) CONGRATULATIONS, to all those who purchased the Deni® Hand Held Smoker from QVC® this past weekend (Item #K41876). Dr Smoke™ and the Team at SmokinLicious® enjoyed collaborating with Deni® in the development of this product and the wood chips we designed specifically for this unit!

Please refer to for their video demonstration of the product and YouTube®. See for yourself how much smoke is produced from our special chips! SmokinLicious® hopes you have a chance to try this unit and enjoy the great smoky taste that it produces to a variety of foods and beverages.

Practice with the sample packets included with the unit, then purchase the 3-pack to master the process of generating great flavoring. Please check back to our site in July when we release this product in all species we produce. Imagine a nice smoked White fish with “Ash” (a Mediterranean style wood), prepare some hamburgers with Red or White Oak (either pre- or post grilling/cooking), and then enjoy Salmon with our “alder” while you bake this in the conventional oven!

All this coming soon at!

An Update

In 2015, SmokinLicious® had a great time working with two companies: Deni® and QVC®. The project involved producing a specialty micro wood chip for the Deni® Hand Held Food Smoker offered exclusively on QVC®.

Today, we are looking at the behind-the-scenes steps that brought this concept to life.

And So It Begins…

The work began with a phone call. The Team connected with the Deni® brand had started to tool their hand held food smoker. Now, they needed wood chip product to package with the unit for their upcoming launch on QVC®.

The SmokinLicious® Team sprang into action. First, we tested various chip sizes to find the ideal for the chip screen built into the unit. Second, we selected the top 2 selling hardwoods for packaging with the unit. The third step was the most interesting. We had to arrange for the packaged chips to deliver to the equipment manufacturer located on the other side of the world. Plus, the finished packaging of wood chips and smoker unit had to come back to the USA for the QVC® release date!

Why This Project Was So Much Fun!

We love getting the chance to work side-by-side with a company! The synergy to see the original concept air on television is amazing. Plus, we get satisfaction knowing quality equipment was paired with a quality wood.

Learn why SmokinLicious® is the perfect partner for your concept and bring it to life!


Second Test Kitchen Results

The Smokinlicious®Test Kitchen conducted an additional test using the Technique® Cast Iron Skillet and Smoker which many of you purchased from QVC as the Special of the Day. This time, we used our flavor-infused wood product called the Woodscuit ® on the stovetop.

What We Cooked: Boneless Pork Tenderloin

How We Cooked: on the stovetop using medium-low heat on the gas range

What Wood We Used: Bourbon Flavored Woodscuit ® – 3 pieces

Length of Cook Time: 2-1/2 hours

Findings: Again, as our previous test cooks have demonstrated, the Technique® Cast Iron Skillet and Smoker provides for a very moist product. This time, we lined our drip pan in foil to decrease the amount of elbow-grease needed to clean up. Since our Woodscuit ® product has a moisture content of ~45 percent, these wood pieces did not display the charred look like the woods used in the previous test cooks (both the Wood Chips and Smokin’ Dust® were black by the end of the cooking time). However, once the tenderloin was finished, our panel of tasters did not find any significant smoke flavor to the end product. For those pieces that had been more to the center of the cast iron skillet, the tasters noted slightly more smoke flavor but overall, there was no distinguishable smoke flavor infused in the food.

Currently, our Test Kitchen has found that the Wood Chips used on the stovetop, provide for the greatest flavor infusion of the wood used. As always, we will continue to test this cast iron skillet with a plan to see if adding water to the smoke pan with the wood product, helps to keep the flavor infusion going.

Stay tuned!

Fingerling Potatoes are Next

Dr. Smoke- Cast iron skillet cooking and smoking is easy, affordable & offers great flavor results!

Dr. Smoke- Cast iron skillet cooking and smoking is easy, affordable & offers great flavor results! When using the Technique® Cast Iron Skillet, coupled our quality cooking wood, you can’t go wrong!

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The Kitchen Find – Easy, Convenient & Affordable Stove Top Smoking!


Beechwood Hardwood

Smokinlicious® is pleased to announce that we have added an eighth hardwood species to our product line. Beech is now available in wood chips, double and single filet wood chunk, wood blocks and heartwood logs for purchase!


Our Smokinlicious Wood Chunk Bag

Our Smokinlicious Wood Chunk Bag


Smokinlicious® Wood Chunk Bag


At Smokinlicious®, we are very pleased to announce the arrival of our new retail Wood Chunk bag in Canada!


You may ask yourself, “What’s all the fuss over a bag. A bag is a bag, right?!” Well, not really, especially when it comes to giving customers what they want and expect from clean, bark-free wood. A lot of time, effort and consumer input went into the design and make-up of our wood chunk bags. Not only do they protect and preserve our forested all hardwood wood chunks perfectly, they allow cooks and smokers to enjoy the rewards of wood fired, smoked food.

The bag compliments our commitment to provide you with dust-free wood with the right amount of moisture for smoke vapor. We know all too well that it’s the vapor that deliciously flavors food with a smoky touch!


Measuring 20 inches high by 9 inches wide, our durable paper bags have an open mesh window. The open window allows air flow for the chunks to “breathe.” This is a key and “one of a kind”example of the Smokinlicious® pledge to bring you only the best wood product for cooking and smoking. Each bag is top stitched, allowing for easy opening and reuse while not shying from max protection. Like our Wood Chips, you will now find our specialty cuts of alder, ash, hickory, red oak, sugar maple, white oak, or wild cherry.


For now Our Bagged Wood chunks are available at select Canadian stores in our new paper packaging. Available in our “Double Filet“, “Single Filet“, and “Natural Grilling” specialty cuts, our wood chunks all come with the moisture level reading recorded right on the package! No more guessing about the moisture of the wood! Look for this product and all our exceptional products at a Canadian retailer near you. Or check our website for the nearest distributor.


Smokinlicious is busy developing some new products for the Backyard Barbecuer and or for competition teams!

The “Q” Can.

The Q Can

We tested this last year at various events and it worked great to carry the charcoal chimney starter, fire starters, lighters, and other items that would be flammable in transit or just next to the “Barbie”! Plus when the event is over and it’s time to clean out the cooker, the Q can becomes an ash can! Perfect for delivering “hot” ashes to the collection barrel or off the deck! Once the ashes are cooled and emptied, simply put everything back in for transit or storage.

We have left room on the other side of the can for a teams “logo” or Name of the Backyard Barbecuer! It’s a Great gift idea!

Wood storage box

Wood Storage Box

We have developed a “wood” storage box. Hold approximately 1 cubic foot of chunks or chips. The box is made of wood with a strong rope handle and can be sprayed or dunked in water to rehydrate the wood prior to use! Box comes with a wood cover. In order to maintain proper air circulation we have spaced the boards for proper air flow

These items will be available on line soon!


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Chip BagSmokinlicious® is pleased to announce the release of its new retail market packaging! This paper packaging is equiped with a vent panel to allow for proper air circulation! Our wood chip bags are available immediately and will soon be followed by the “single” and “double” filet chunks. Please look for these products in selected retail markets.

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our Single filet was born at the Oinktoberfest because of rave reviews.

our Single filet was born at the Oinktoberfest because of rave reviews.

Single Filet at Oinktoberfest

During most competitions we distribute a sample of our products to the competing teams. I call it the secret ingredient of the competition!! During the Oinktoberfest in Clarence, NY I handed out Smokin Dust® as our gift pack to the teams. In the fairness of the competition I try to mix up the flavors among the teams! The following is what one competitor had to say about our product:

“We would like to thank you for your sample of Black Cherry Smokin’ Dust® during Oinktoberfest 2007. We were able to place 4th in pork during the KCBS contest using your product. Even better we were able to win Grand Champion in the backyard event on Sunday. We used the Dust on all categories, (1st chicken wings, 6th sausage, 3rd ribs, 2nd beef). We also won the chili cook off with meat smoked using the Dust. Overall great product that gave us the winning edge, my order is coming soon!”

Good Smoke BBQ
Rochester, NY

Thank you Brian!!

Bon Bar B Q

Dr Smoke!!

Present Day Update…

Although the Ointoberfest no longer takes place in the Fall but moved to August, this was one of those local events that allowed us to secure many local connections to make testing our products that much easier.

Our wood chunks were one product that we knew needed expansion. Just how would we find ideal sizing without having to offer extreme options that would challenge our packaging team? By turning to our competitive friends who could offer valuable critic and suggestions that aided us to develop the Double and Single Filet options.

The Birth of the Single Filet Wood Chunk

Larger fireboxes mean a larger chunk is needed. To determine the ideal size that could fit multiple manufacturers’ equipment, we turned to our competitor friends who influenced our final product. We will be forever indebted to all those who worked with us to bring our two great chunk options to the market.

Oh, and these friends also are credited with our choice to give you 3 wood choices in every carton, no matter the size chosen.

With SmokinLicious®, you have history with the dedication and commitment it takes to bring great flavor to anything cooked by fire!

Dr. Smoke and the team update our live fire test results for Single Filet @ Oinktoberfest!

Dr. Smoke and the team update our live fire test results for Single Filet @ Oinktoberfest!








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More Related reading on how Smokinlicious® perfected our great smoking products at various live fire BBQ events around North America

Our Smokin Dust® @ Wildwood allows us to add flavours to your smoke

Our Smokin Dust® @ Wildwood allows us to add flavours to your smoke


Dr. Smoke along with his bag of natural flavors is off to the Wildwood BBQ Championship or the official event title- New Jersey State Barbecue Championship in Wildwood, New Jersey! He will be experimenting with a “Mango” and a “Wine” Flavor. Once the formula passes the “smoke” test they will be released on our web site for sale! Watch for them soon!!

Wildwood BBQ Championship- Present Day Update…

Although it has been many years since the Wildwood, New Jersey event, our Smokin’ Dust® has stood the test of time. After more than a decade, we still offer 14 premium flavors and 8 natural flavors to spice up your fire and foods:

  • Alder
  • Almond
  • Apple
  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Bourbon
  • Cherry
  • Coconut
  • Hickory
  • Jamaican Rum
  • Lemon
  • Mango
  • Maple
  • Orange
  • Papaya
  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Pecan
  • Plum
  • Red Oak
  • Vanilla
  • White Oak

The burst of flavor can be used in charcoal grills, cold smoke generating mazes, hand held food smokers, and traditional smokers. With charcoal, wood or any combination of fuel product, you’ll be amazed at the flavor punch Smokin’ Dust® provides.

Just like the ingredients used in your cooking, our Smokin’ Dust® is all natural, air collected and made just for wood-fired cooking. Up your grilling and smoking game with our full line of all natural, clean products. Find out what a premium wood product can do to your favorite foods!

Dr. Smoke's team live tested our new smokin dust® @ Wildwood Barbecue State Championship

Dr. Smoke’s team live tested our new smokin dust® @ Wildwood Barbecue State Championship


More Related reading on how we tested our newly developed products at BBQ events around the USA and Canada.

More Related reading on how we tested our newly developed products at BBQ events around the USA and Canada.

Our Smokin Dust® @ Pigs in the Park debut of our new flavours for your smoke

Our Smokin Dust® @ Pigs in the Park debut of our new flavours for your smoke


We are introducing additional flavors to our Smoking Dust® line of products: Papaya, Jamaican Rum, Bourbon, Vanilla and Almond. Samples will be available at the “Pigs in the Park” event on May 18-20th Danville, VA. We feel that these will be great additions to our other flavors.

Dr Smoke is working in the lab to develop Smoking Dust®
that will replicate the wine families (ie Merlot, Chardonnay). We will continue to update you on his progress with these flavors.

We hope everyone will have a chance to visit the Smokinlicious® booth in Danville, VA “Pigs in the Park” event to sniff latest flavors.

Present Day Update…

We loved being a sponsor of the Pigs in the Park event! Not only were the people exceptionally welcoming, but the teams and fans of this event were always willing to expand their knowledge of BBQ.

Not only did we expand our Smokin’ Dust® flavors, but we developed a new product line of wood chips that allowed us to offer custom mixes of chips as well a custom mixes of chip sizing. Now that’s customization! Every new idea takes time to develop. Though many years passed since our participation in Pigs in the Park, we owe gratitude to the everyone we came in contact with that offered suggestions and their wish list.

Come join us in adding pure, clean flavors of hardwoods in a variety of sizes of chunks, chips and logs. Learn just what SmokinLicious® can do to your wood-fired foods!


The following was received from Aaron and Adrienne Ross, Dizzy Pig BBQ Team, Canada –

“The two of us have found your products provide a fantastic outcome, and are a pleasure to use. The coconut really adds to my desserts and I’m whole heartedly looking forward to trying your citrus flavors on a cheesecake recipe that I have invented.”

The following was received from Dave Witt in West Seneca, NY –

“I mixed about 3 tablespoons of Smoking Dust with my regular cherry wood sawdust. I had no issue with the temperature going hotter. I was a bit concerned when I opened the bag of dust… I was worried that because it was so fragrant that it would overpower the finished product. Instead it brought to the forefront the subtle flavor of what wood type was being used. You have a very good product there and I’m looking forward to trying it on my offset soon.”

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