March 2016

Spring is finally here and that means it’s time to prep the grill for the outdoor season!  Yup, the winter blahs are gone and it’s time to fire up the grill, BBQ, the Barbie, the Brac, or whatever suitable name you use to call your equipment on your specific continent.

No, there is no way around it!  First, comes the dreaded cleaning of your unit.  Whether it’s less than $30 or over $3,000, all equipment needs some cleaning attention once in a while.  What better time than Spring to roll up your sleeves and get everything ready.

Remember, a grill or smoker is an oven that has been seasoned over time with all that cooking so a little soap and water is generally all that is needed to do a nice clean up.   You simply want to clean the unit of dirt and dust, so gently clean being careful not to rub out the ‘seasoning” of the unit!

Of course, there are those times when you failed to provide the suitable attention to your equipment and a bunch of soot, grease, and all kinds of other nasty things developed on the equipment.  When you’re faced with that situation, then consideration has to be made to a good degreaser or oven cleaner! Once the unit has been put back into good clean order, get ready to season it again.  That’s right, all the harder cleaning agent too the seasoning right out of the unit.  Actually, this the perfect time to use all the leftover charcoal, wood chunks/chips from last year!  Start a fire and let burn/smoke in the unit to season.  You’re not cooking now so there is no need to worry about moisture levels, water pans, etc. – just generate the smoke and heat, and re-season your unit. Don’t forget to add a little oil (vegetable, coconut, whatever handles higher heat levels) to the grilling grates to get them all ready.

Own an LP/gas grill?   You can do the same process by taking a chunk and lighting it on the grill, or take a disposable foil pan or tin foil and put some wood chips in.  Then lite with a match or lighter (not with the unit’s burners), close the lid and capture the smoke/heat!

Now you’re ready for new SmokinLicious® culinary quality wood products and a great BBQ/warm weather season!



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We frequently take questions from users of our culinary quality hardwoods regarding what is the best hardwood to use with specific foods, especially meats. Over the course of the year, we will be highlighting one of our hardwoods to help you make an informed choice on the best flavour to food match. So, let’s start out with the mighty maple tree!

Maple hardwood is part of the Aceraceae family of wood.   The scientific names for the varieties we manufacture are Acer pensylvanicum L. and Acer nigrum Michx.f., but the common names for the varieties found in the Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania regions include: Black Sugar Maple, Hard Maple, Rock Maple, Striped Maple, Moosewood.

Hard Maple is considered the king of all maples because it is stronger, stiffer, harder, and denser than any other maple variety.

Maple can be used with any food for natural wood flavouring/smoking. The flavour profile is on the mild side with a sweet undertone. Feel free to use the wood with any food: chicken, turkey, game birds, beef, lamb, fruit, vegetables, chocolate, eggs, etc.

Maple provides a brownish coloring to the outer skin of foods. This wood mixes easily with other woods, particularly Hickory, Ash, and Cherry. It can even tone down the harshness of pungent woods like oak and mesquite.

Heat Level: High – 23.2 (soft) 29.7 (hard) MBTU

Fuel Efficiency: Excellent

Ease of Lighting: Good

Ideal Uses: Baking/Grilling/Roasting/Braising/Pit Roasting/Hot Smoking/Cold Smoking


Without question, maple is one of the most popular hardwood species for wood-fired cooking techniques! Enjoy!


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