All Chips Are Not Created Equal!

Posted by Dan H. R&D Team


The First in the Manufacturing of Assorted Cooking Wood Chips

For many years, SmokinLicious® has set a goal to be the first and perhaps only cooking wood Company to manufacture various particle levels of wood chips. Although we have produced products in what we termed “double” and “triple” grind chip levels for years to the commercial market, we knew there were many home cooks who own equipment that requires a specific level of product to function optimally.

We are thrilled to announce that coming soon, SmokinLicious® will offer a 4-pack of chips that will allow you to select the particle level that is best with the equipment you have. Using a hand held smoker? Soon you’ll be able to purchase our Piccolo chip in size that is just above a refined sawdust consistency. Have a special cold smoke unit? Again, you’ll find an assortment of chip sizing to make the perfect match to your equipment investment.

Cooking Wood Chips Suited for the Best Equipment Performance

Our chip variants will allow you dial in just the amount of flavor you want from a wood and ultimately, give you the ability to build on flavors using more than one wood. For instance, using Sugar Maple in a larger chip size and then Hickory in a smaller chip for a complete balanced flavor. Just think of the endless possibilities in building flavors with wood!


As always, SmokinLicious® will offer this new product with FREE shipping. Keep watching for the official release date as SmokinLicious® proves all chips are not created equal and why this is such a good thing!!