Smokinlicious is sometimes asked why we only sell our products by volume and not by weight! The simple answer is the we CAN’T LEGALLY sell by weight! The National Conference on Weights and Measures -Uniform Regulation for the Method of Sale of Commodities, has very specific regulations regarding the sale of “Stove Wood“or “Flavoring Chips“. Regulation 2.43.(a) specifies that “Natural wood offered for sale in packaged form…shall display the quantity in terms of cubic meters, to include decimal fractions of cubic meters; or cubic feet, to include cubic feet.”

The nature of our Smokinlicious Wood is that it will continue to loose its weigh the longer it is cut from the stump. Therefore, when the wood is initially processed, the wood will weigh more than when it is packaged for the customer. This is the natural seasoning process effecting the weight of the wood. Dr Smoke recognizes the importance of moisture and we attempt to process our wood orders as close to the time of shipment to maximize this level.

Smokinlicious does not advertise the weight of our products. In fact, the reason that we include the shipping cost into our prices is to eliminate this as a concern for our customers. If you find products on the market that are selling by weight, we strongly recommend you throughly investigate the product since the company may not be in compliance with the above regulations. In fact, if you locate a product in plastic bags and there is no moisture in the interior of the package, it could indicate that the product could be too DRY for your smoking application.

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