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 To infuse smoke vapor into foods producing wood-fired flavoring, all that is needed is a container for the smoke, a source for the smoke and a food item to smoke. That's it!


We are grilling or roasting peppers directly on ash wood embers.  This is a great technique to infuse wood flavoring directly to the peppers

Ideally, meats, poultry, and fish are best smoked with a temperature range of 180°-225°F. Always remember to bring the internal temperature of the animal protein to the recommended internal temperature (as recommended by the USDA Food and Safety Inspection Service) in order to ensure it is safe for consumption (ground meats and meat mixtures like for sausage: 160° F, fresh beef, veal & lamb: 145° F, poultry: 165° F, pork and ham: fresh items 145° F, pre-cooked items 140° F, Seafood items with fins: 145° F).


Why does smoker hardwood work so well in fire cooking? Because hardwood contains organic compounds, over a 100 of them, with 3 key compounds: cellulose (40-60% composition), hemi-celluose (20-30% composition) and lignin (20-30% composition). It is the lignin, a phenol compound, that gives wood-fired foods their distinct flavor, aroma, and color! The added benefit: it protects foods from bacteria. Smoke is the visible gas derived from the combustion of the wood. Each hardwood will react differently to the food or beverage item exposed to the smoke vapor and produce a unique flavor, aroma, and color to the foods. There really is no true descriptor for each wood flavoring. Instead, we guide you on the boldness of the flavor.


Here is our Hardwood culinary offerings in order from mildest to boldest in flavor:


  •     Eastern Alder
  •     Ash
  •     Wild Cherry
  •     Sugar Maple
  •     Beech
  •     Hickory
  •     White Oak
  •     Red Oak


TIP: A little goes a long way. Remember to start with small quantities (about 6-8 ounces depending on the equipment) and add wood as needed.

All Bark and the contaminents they harbor, are eliminated from the heartwood logs, before then enter our processing facility!  We are Bark Free!
Demonstrating that a little is sufficient for smoking by putting on the smoker wood chips and smoking wood chunks about 8 ounces should be good
our flavor guide reviews the smoky taste profiles of the 8 North American Hardwoods that we offer for sale.

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