woodscuit-barrel.jpg Our popular barrel soaked, flavor-infused Woodscuit® has undergone some changes!  As a result of the request for various barrel soak times on our custom wood filets, Smokinlicious® is about to launch new packaging for this winning edge product.  Beginning soon, when you purchase any of the Woodscuit® flavors (Apple, Black Cherry, Bourbon, Coconut, Jamaican Rum, Peach, Pecan, Walnut), your flavor-infused wood filets will now come in their very own soaking barrel!  We will indicate the original soak date of the barrel (the barrel’s “birthday”) on the packaging so the user will know exactly how many hours the wood pieces have been soaking.  By offering this one-of-a-kind “soaking barrel”, this product will no longer have an expiration date.  As long as the user maintains the liquid level above the wood pieces, the wood filets are always at the ready for any barbecue event!  Remember, these special wood filets are barrel soaked in all natural, FDA approved flavors that are specifically designed for food application.  Smokinlicious® remains the only gourmet wood company to prioritize food safety when manufacturing our winning edge products.       


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